Staffing agencies – flexible client site clocking in and reporting solutions

Client accountability is one of the many reasons staffing agencies choose to use uAttend for clocking staff in. Reports in uAttend can be run instantly to show clients the staff who’ve been on-site, hours worked, etc.

If you decide to use uAttend biometric fingerprint or facial recognition clocking in terminals you can stop ‘buddy clocking’ – your clients can be assured that they’re getting what they’re paying for!


Real time dashboards and admin screens show who’s clocked in which makes it simple to change schedules and organise cover as required.

Managing large numbers of temporary staff coming and going is easy in uAttend. Staff can be archived and then made live again when they are working for you.

If you use biometric clocking you won’t have to enrol staff on the system again, their encoded fingerprint or facial data is stored when you archive them so when they’re made live they can clock in immediately on-site which cuts down on admin (uAttend doesn’t store fingerprints or faces so there are no privacy issues – find out more).

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First Call Contract Services

uAttend customer First Call Contract Services was established in 1996. There are now 23 offices, national on-site managed service locations and sole supply solutions specialising in supplying temporary labour. Around 4,000 staff are supplied across the network every day.

First Call staff clock in using uAttend facial recognition terminals installed on client sites. Facial recognition ensures that only those staff who should be on-site are. They also stop ‘buddy clocking’ where one member of staff clocks in for another. Using mainly facial recognition terminals (they also have some fingerprint terminals), means that no-one has to remember a swipe card or fob so it’s easier for everyone.

Over 1,000 staff clock in with uAttend across a range of client sites. Supervisors on each site have access to the uAttend account set up for their site to monitor staff clocking in and out, approve timecards, holiday requests, etc.

Dan Mankelow, First Call Contract Services Operations Director comments, “We chose uAttend for its flexibility and value for money. We can move the face scanners around if we need to, and setting-up at new sites is quick and easy. The reports available in uAttend mean we can show clients exactly what they’re paying for – they can see numbers of staff on-site, hours worked, etc.”

Implementation and Development Manager Jordon Spencer is responsible for the day-to-day co-ordination of the clocking sites. He liaises with the supervisors on-the-ground and troubleshoots any clocking in issues.

He’s a great fan of the uAttend helpdesk. “Of all the company helpdesks we deal with, the uAttend team has to be the best! They get back to you quickly, they know their stuff and get any issues sorted fast.”

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