Retail – manage time and attendance on-site or on the move

We know it can be hard to keep track of hours worked, holidays, sickness and overtime particularly during busy periods. uAttend gives you an efficient, flexible way to track hours and ensure accurate and fair pay for hours worked for each employee.

uAttend helps to deter time theft and prevent buddy clocking. The biometric fingerprint and facial recognition clocking in terminals ensure that staff clocking in are who they should be. Colleagues can’t clock each other in and out.

The uAttend clocking in system can send email alerts to managers and supervisors if someone clocks in late (or out early).

Choose from a range of clocking in options including biometric fingerprint terminals, web and smartphone clocking.

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Hardys Original Sweetshops offer a delicious array of the nation’s favourite confectionery. With 10 retail stores already and more planned, plus an online shop, over 75 staff clock in with uAttend biometric fingerprint terminals. “The accuracy of uAttend’s fingerprint clocking makes sure all our staff are paid correctly for the time they’ve worked.” Becky Brower HR  Director.

Avon & Wessex Motor Factors

Avon & Wessex is a long-established family business based in Midsomer Norton, Somerset. Open to trade and retail customers they specialise in camping, caravan and automotive products. The management team wanted an accurate time and attendance system that could keep better track of the hours worked by the team of 25 staff.

“If we could have designed a system, uAttend would be it! It’s perfect for our team. We have fingerprint recognition which is easy to use with no need for a PIN or card. Our employees from 17 to 70 are blown away by the technology and from the start the system was so simple to set-up and manage.”

Avon & Wessex Managing Director Kevin Chard explains…