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Hospitality and leisure - a staff clock in system that accurately reports hours worked

When you have staff coming and going at different times it's often hard to keep accurate track of hours worked. If you still rely on timesheets and spreadsheets to manage hours then you know how long it can take to get the data ready for payroll. It's also not always ideal relying on employees to remember when and how long they worked for.

Staff clock in system

Customers in hospitality appreciate the flexibility that uAttend gives them as a staff clocking system. We have customers who use uAttend for staff working remotely, for example on golf courses, to clock in and out, as well as for site-based employees.

This is what two of our customers have to say about uAttend...

The Brown's Boutique Hotel

This hotel in Carmarthenshire, Wales, uses uAttend to clock 14 staff in on two sites with biometric fingerprint terminals. Before General Manager Nia Cole joined the company, staff were submitting their hours on timesheets, which wasn’t ideal, “Staff weren’t accurate with their hours – which resulted in the company paying out more hours than actually worked.”

Nia had already used the uAttend clocking system for staff in a previous company and that's why she came to us again. She particularly appreciates the accuracy that biometric clocking gives her, the hotel has been able to reduce staff hours which were previously being over exaggerated.

Kings Premier Health Club

Based in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, the club was also using a manual timesheet system before they chose uAttend. 34 employees now use web and smartphone clocking.

Steve Brehaut, Club Director clearly sees the benefits that uAttend delivers, “uAttend can provide reporting on employees time spent across a number of different departments. It has streamlined and enhanced the accuracy of our payroll system.”

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