Healthcare & care – a 24/7, real time time and attendance solution

Managing the provision of 24 hour cover and keeping accurate track of hours worked for payroll used to be a problem for some of our customers, especially if they were relying on manual timesheets.

uAttend enables supervisors and managers to see who’s in, who’s out, on holiday or off sick, and produce payroll-ready reports in real time.

Real time dashboards and admin screens show who’s in, sick or on annual leave which makes it simple to change schedules and organise cover as required.

Biometric clocking in using fingerprint or facial recognition clocking in terminals adds an extra level of security and stops fraudulent clocking in. Biometric clocking in is also an accurate way to gather attendance data to ensure people are paid correctly for the hours they’ve worked.

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Brighton Implant Clinic

The Brighton Implant Clinic was founded by Dr Bruno Silva in 2009 and now comprises clinics in Brighton, Hove, Hailsham and Worthing. This award-winning group of clinics aims to provide affordable dental implant and other treatment delivered to the highest clinical and hygiene standards supported by excellent customer care.

Around 75 salaried and hourly paid employees currently use uAttend biometric fingerprint terminals to clock in across three sites.

Bobby Lambkin-Williams, accountant for the group, told us why they were looking for a new clocking in system.

“We decided on a new system after one of the old clocking in machines broke and we realised it would be cheaper to buy in a whole new system rather than repair the old card-based machine and continue to pay for the software support.

We chose uAttend because the system offered the flexibility and convenience we were looking for from a cloud-based service. It was also much cheaper than our existing solution. The fact that hardware support was also included in the cost was a bonus too.

“The finance team has saved a lot of admin time. They no longer have to manually process timesheet data for each of our employees every month, reducing potential keying errors which means we can spend time on other activities.” Read case study

Mind and Behaviour Limited

Mind and Behaviour recently chose uAttend to streamline and and improve their time and attendance.

One part of the organisation supports County Council staff in the youth work environment helping individuals address issues such as depression, conflict and general life transitions. The other part, Aero Medical Ambulance Service (AMAS) specialises in medical repatriations within the UK and Europe.

We asked Director Steven Hurrell to tell us why he chose uAttend.

The system is easy to get into, put the basic profile in place and add the staff profiles. Also the system is web-based so there is no risk of losing the data should there be a computer error or hardware issue.

The whole uAttend solution has given me a great deal of confidence and I can clearly see who’s in or out as well as the hours as they mount up.” Find out more

There had previously been paper timesheets which were not always accurate and were an unreliable method for recording hours. It was also extremely time consuming to go through them. uAttend has reduced the time spent on payroll by over 50%. Read more

Madelaine Griffiths

Administration Manager
Stella Maris Care Home