Healthcare & Care industry sector

Healthcare & Care Industry

Optimise Operations with Streamlined Time and Attendance

Managing the provision of 24 hour cover and keeping accurate track of hours worked for payroll used to be a problem for some of our customers, especially if they were relying on manual timesheets.

uAttend enables supervisors and managers to see who’s in, who’s out, on holiday or off sick, and produce payroll-ready reports in real time.

Time attendance in healthcare

Real time dashboards and admin screens show who’s in, sick or on annual leave which makes it simple to change schedules and organise cover as required.

Biometric clocking in using fingerprint or facial recognition clocking in terminals adds an extra level of security and stops fraudulent clocking in. Biometric clocking in is also an accurate way to gather attendance data to ensure people are paid correctly for the hours they’ve worked.

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