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Seamless Time Management Solutions for Franchises

If you are a franchisor or franchisee who requires staff to clock in, uAttend provides an accurate, scalable and affordable time and attendance solution.

And we know it’s good to talk – we already have a number of franchisees from one particular retail franchise who’ve seen the benefit of uAttend and have told others about it – thank you!

Increases the accuracy of payroll data
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Streamlined Payroll and Absence Tracking

uAttend increases the accuracy of payroll data ensuring staff get paid the right rate for the hours they work. This makes it fairer for all staff and more transparent.

Deter time theft and stop buddy clocking. The biometric fingerprint and facial recognition clocking in terminals stop ‘buddy clocking’, where one member of staff clocks another in. Time and attendance systems generally encourage better punctuality amongst staff as well.

It’s simple to authorise and track holidays as well as monitor sickness and other absence.

An email alert can be sent to managers or supervisors if staff turn up late for work or leave early .


For franchisees who’re busy building and running a business, using uAttend means there are fewer staff related tasks such as payroll preparation and holiday management to worry about. uAttend produces accurate data for payroll which can be exported to a wide range of systems. Managing staff holidays, sickness and other absence and running reports is easy.

One uAttend customer has a number of franchises. Being able to view real time clocking in means he’s quickly alerted every morning if there’s a staff shortfall in any of his outlets and he can arrange cover as necessary.


uAttend is a low cost value-add service that you could offer as part of your franchise package. Franchisees may not have managed staff before, or had to deal with payroll issues. uAttend makes it easy to run accurate payroll reports so that everyone gets paid for the work they’ve done! Because the uAttend system can manage holidays, sickness and overtime as well, there’s less arguments with staff over pay too.

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