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Cleaning & facilities management – remote employee time tracking made easy

What all our customers running cleaning and facilities management businesses have in common is the requirement to keep track of large numbers of employees clocking in at different times on dispersed sites – tricky!

uAttend makes remote employee time tracking simple for cleaning and facilities management companies and easier to staff to clock, view timecards and book holidays.

remote employee time tracking

We offer a range of clocking in options including biometric fingerprint clocking terminals, phone and smartphone clocking which make it easy to capture accurate clocking in data on the move.

It's also easy for supervisors and managers to keep tabs on employee's whereabouts, approve holidays and deal with absence on the move too.

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Future Cleaning Services - remote employee time tracking

remote employee time tracking

Future Cleaning Services is part of the Future Group which specialise in facilities management, contract cleaning and support services for both public and private sector clients.

Headquartered in York, this £10 million turnover business operates across the UK offering a range of services from commercial contract cleaning to gritting and snow clearing, including a fleet of lorries for road sweeping – a wide portfolio indeed!

Keith Busfield is IT Support Manager at Future Cleaning Services, as you might expect he’s an enthusiastic promoter for using new technology to add value to the business.

“We’ve put uAttend at the centre of on-site staff management, not only to make sure we pay the right wages but to demonstrate to customers how efficiently staff time is spent on their sites.”

Future Cleaning Services has 88 uAttend facial recognition clocking in terminals installed on customer sites. Each terminal has a mobile dongle which sends staff clocking in data directly to uAttend (it doesn’t touch a client’s network at all).

Using facial recognition terminals ensures that only the staff who should be on-site are, and they stop staff clocking in for each other. It also means they don’t have to carry (lose or forget) swipe cards or fobs – simple! Read the full case study

KCC Cleaning - remote employee time tracking

KCC Cleaning based at Ashton Gate in Bristol was founded in 1994 and now employs 52 people.  Accurately monitoring the hours worked by an expanding out-of-hours, remote team was starting to cause headaches.

MD Kevin Cooper explains, “Like most cleaning companies we were working on trust but realising that our systems could be open to abuse, with staff signing each other in and out. Another concern was that if staff were not correctly accounted for it would be difficult to track who was in a building in the event of an emergency – potentially putting lives at risk.”

On-site cleaning staff now use uAttend’s phone clocking in option. They simply call an 0800 number and use a personal pin number to clock in. It’s quick and efficient. Kevin can log in to his uAttend online acccount from his mobile phone and access information about who’s where at any time.

“If there’s a problem and someone hasn’t signed in on-site I know straightaway and can investigate and send in back-up staff.”

This time and attendance system was ideal for our business, easy to implement, easy to add to site by site, it has definitely made our company more efficient.

Ian Tunstead

Managing Director
Cara FM