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Construction Industry

Streamline Construction Time Tracking with uAttend

We know how easy it can be to lose track of time in the construction industry! With lots of projects on the go as well as starting and finishing; different trades and pay rates; subcontractors and agency staff, it can be a complex task to monitor and manage hours worked to ensure accurate pay and and keep on top of wage costs on jobs.

uAttend is a scalable time and attendance solution which has the ability to expand and contract with your projects.

Construction industry
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Effortlessly Manage Time and Attendance with Customisable Plans

uAttend gives you the flexibility to be able to scale up or down pricing plans depending on the projects you’re working on and open and close accounts.

uAttend is excellent for capturing clocking in data on remote sites. We give customers a choice of clocking in options which includes a free smartphone app and biometric fingerprint scanning terminals (which stop ‘buddy clocking’, where one employee clocks in for another). You can add a geolocation option to the smartphone clocking so that you know staff are clocking in where they should be (UK only).

Dashboards showing real-time clocking in data mean supervisors can see exactly who’s on-site and who isn’t. Any shortfall in resources or skill-sets can be addressed quickly to keep projects on schedule. If there’s an emergency and a site needs evacuation, you’ve got a record of who’s on-site for a roll-call.

The reporting capability in uAttend means you can see subcontractors’ staff presence and share this information with their management teams when reviewing schedules and performance.

We’ve developed a standalone GSM clocking solution for staff to clock in on remote sites without a local network connection.

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