How to save your business time and money using time and attendance software

All businesses will be familiar with the old adage ‘time is money.’ This has never been truer than when dealing with employee timesheets, absences, payroll and staffing data. Supervisors everywhere will have burnt the midnight oil trying to work out John’s hours, Claire’s wages and Kashia’s holiday requests. Not only are these essential management tasks time-consuming, they are also error-prone when not done properly.

It makes sense then to consider a better way of doing these jobs without spending hours using imperfect manual processes or tracking down locally-held data. Luckily, the latest software developments provide solutions for hard-pressed managers trying to juggle workforce management with other important parts of their job.

Time and attendance systems are simply a way of automating a whole chunk of these vital business functions – from clocking in, getting information to payroll, monitoring sickness absence to dealing with holiday approvals.

Here’s how to save your business time and money using time and attendance software:

  • Choose a good time and attendance system – this is vital if you want to maximize what it can do for you. Cloud-based software means service is available 24/7 on-site or on the move. As there is no software to upgrade or install, it’s all done for you – updates and new features are included as part of your monthly subscription, saving you even more time and money.
  • Clocking in and out – a time and attendance system takes care of headaches around tracking your employees. You can do away with time-consuming punch cards or manual timesheets and choose from a range of clocking in options, from swipe cards, to smartphone clocking and easily installed biometric fingerprint and face readers. Managers can easily log-in from any locations to approve timesheets, to see who’s in, who’s out, who’s early, who’s late in real time from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. No more chasing paper time cards for answers.
  • Payroll export– you can save on all the time spent calculating hours worked and the pressure of getting it all into your payroll system on time. Time and attendance systems do this hard work for you automatically and accurately – you can set-up the parameters, the rates and so on, and then it is all calculated and processed for you each month.
  • Dealing with holiday requests – it can be time-consuming dealing with individual holiday requests from employees by phone, email or on bits of paper which can be lost. Time and attendance systems enable staff to make their requests through the system meaning that you can deal with them when you’re ready. Crucially you’ll be able to view other holiday approvals and easily assess your approval to avoid clashes.
  • Run reports for review – you can easily run reports on hours worked and other reports by employee, department, or company-wide. You can use the system to monitor absence and sickness rates to tackle the areas costing the business money.

It’s clear that businesses stand to save a lot of time and money if they replace out-dated practices and let technology take the strain. As well as saving precious time, you’ll improve efficiency which plays well with employees, clients and customers.

There are new and easily-affordable solutions out there for businesses to consider. For example, uAttend is ideal for businesses large and small.