Rounding Rules

Rounding Rules

Empowering Precision, Flexibility, and Insight

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, uAttend introduces Rounding Rules, providing greater efficiency and accuracy in time tracking. This feature allows you to customise time tracking with precision, driving efficiency and maximising organisational benefits.

Benefits of uAttend’s Rounding Rules:

  • Improved Payroll Accuracy: Eliminate minor discrepancies in clock-in times.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Simplify payroll calculations and maintain accurate time tracking.
  • Flexibility: Tailor time tracking to different work styles and business needs.

Example of a Rounding Option

Consider a 10-minute rounding option with a 5-minute breakpoint:

  • Clock-In at 8:04 AM: Rounded down to 8:00 AM.
  • Clock-In at 8:06 AM: Rounded up to 8:10 AM.

This approach ensures fair adjustments in clock-in times, simplifying payroll calculations and maintaining time tracking accuracy.

Rounding rules
Improving Efficiency: Rounding Rules for Employee Attendance

Mastering Time Precision with uAttend’s Rounding Rules

This feature allows you to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and accuracy in time tracking. Here’s how it works:

With our Rounding’s feature, you have the freedom to decide how much flexibility you want to offer your employees when it comes to clocking in and out. This means you can accommodate different work styles and preferences, allowing for a more relaxed approach to time tracking.

To ensure that time tracking remains accurate and fair, uAttend enables you to set predefined margins. These margins act as a buffer, preventing employees from clocking in too early or arriving late without reason. By establishing these preset margins, you can strike a balance between flexibility and maintaining a punctual workforce.

One of the key benefits of this feature is that it helps you avoid situations where employees clock out prematurely or frequently arrive late. By setting reasonable margins, you create a timekeeping environment that encourages adherence to schedules while still allowing some flexibility.

uAttend’s Rounding Periods feature offers a flexible approach to time tracking, allowing employers to balance employee preferences with accuracy. It provides the freedom to set predefined margins to prevent early clocking out and late arrivals, promoting punctuality while accommodating different work styles.

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