Fingerprint clocking machines

RFID Clocking

Contactless clocking with cards

If you’re looking for a clocking in machine – but a contactless version due to COVID 19 or hygiene reasons, there are a host of options available on the market – but the simplest and often quickest option is RFID.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify the item clocked.

With RFID clocking – employees can have zero-touch clocking. They simply walk up to the terminal, hold their RFID enabled card near the unit, and it will automatically clock them. You will hear a beep on the terminal to confirm your clocking.

Not only does RFID mean cross-contamination is 0, but also that high traffic clocking areas are cleared quickly, as employees can pass through without the need to log their biometrics and clean the terminal down.

A Simple clocking solution

RFID is also the easiest method to register employees onto a time and attendance system. Unlike other clocking terminal options which need several fingerprints, face angles or hand scans – with RFID, clocking set-up is as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Purchase the RFID cards or fobs which work with your terminal
  2. Each fob or card will include a unique user number – apply this number to an employee within the system
  3. Employees can now get clocking – if they lose their RFID card or fob, update their employee number with the new RFID unique reference number.

The uAttend RFID terminal (The JR2000) works with both swipe card/key fob clocking and is Wi-Fi-enabled.

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