Revolutionising Sickness Absence Management with a Touch-Free Temperature Solution

Revolutionising Sickness Absence Management with a Touch-Free Temperature Solution

UK Sickness Absence Reaches Decade-High, Prompting Innovative Solutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, sickness absence rates among UK employees have surged to unprecedented levels, with an average of 7.8 days lost per employee over the past year. This marks the highest level reported in over a decade and is significantly higher than the pre-pandemic rate of 5.8 days. The overall sickness absence rate for England stands at 4.5%, unchanged since April 2023 and lower than May 2022’s rate of 4.9%. Effective sickness absence management strategies are becoming increasingly crucial for organisations to address these heightened rates and ensure the well-being and productivity of their workforce.

The economic toll of these absences is staggering, costing the UK economy £32.7 billion in lost productivity in 2023 alone. Consequently, this marks the third consecutive yearly increase in lost productivity, raising concerns about the long-term impact on economic growth. Moreover, if current trends persist, work absences due to long-term sickness are projected to cost the economy £66.3 billion annually by 2030.

In response to these challenges, companies are actively seeking innovative solutions to manage sickness absence effectively while prioritising workplace safety. Transitioning to address this pressing issue, uAttend, a leading provider of time and attendance solutions, has the DR2500 face scanner. This advanced technology offers a touch-free solution tailored to the current needs of workplaces, aligning seamlessly with evolving demands for safety and efficiency.

DR2500 face scanner & temperature reader

Sickness Absence Management: Prevention is better than cure

  1. Touch-Free Efficiency Quick, easy, and completely touch-free, the DR2500 face scanner simplifies clocking in while maintaining hygiene standards.
  2. Hygienic Biometric Facial Recognition Utilising advanced biometric facial recognition technology, the DR2500 swiftly verifies employees’ identities, even with masks, ensuring a seamless clocking process.
  3. Temperature Screening for Safety With a built-in temperature reader, the DR2500 scans employees’ temperatures upon clocking in, enabling temperature lockout thresholds to prevent sick employees from entering the workplace.
  4. Secure Data Storage and Syncing Featuring internet failure backup, clocking data is securely stored and synced once connectivity is restored, ensuring accurate records at all times.
  5. Intuitive Interface for Easy Navigation Employees can navigate various features, such as tracking breaks and department transfers, without physical contact, promoting a hygienic workplace environment.
  6. Versatile Clocking Options Offering multiple clocking options, including RFID proximity cards/fobs and PINs, the DR2500 accommodates diverse workplace needs.
  7. Plug-and-Play Integration Easy to set up and use, the uAttend DR2500 is a plug-and-play solution, seamlessly integrating into your sickness absence management strategy from day one.

The DR2500, with its user-friendly interface and versatile features, stands ready to revolutionise sickness absence management. Ultimately, it will safeguard workforce well-being and productivity while mitigating economic losses for businesses.

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