Revolutionising Construction with a uAttend Time and Attendance Product

Revolutionising Construction with a uAttend Time and Attendance Product

In the dynamic and evolving realm of the construction industry, efficient time and attendance tracking plays a fundamental role in project success. Traditional clocking methods may not always meet the industry's evolving needs, particularly in environments prioritising safety and hygiene. However, the introduction of innovative technologies like the uAttend DR2000 enables construction companies to revolutionise their workforce management practices while prioritising safety, accuracy, and efficiency. This news article explores how uAttend's Face, Voice, Action feature set empowers the construction industry by providing a no-contact clocking solution without compromising security or speed.

The Opportunity

Time and attendance tracking on construction sites present unique opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, traditional methods such as fingerprint scanning may not align with the stringent safety protocols required in these environments. Additionally, the necessity for physical contact with clocking machines can prompt concerns regarding safety and compliance. In response, construction companies seek a solution that not only overcomes these challenges but also boosts operational efficiency and enhances employee satisfaction.

Moreover, the advanced unlimited department transfer feature of the machines enables effortless segmentation of employees according to specific needs. Consequently, reports can be generated by employee, department, or the entire company, streamlining management processes. This solution stands out as the ideal choice for construction, offering the added bonus of flexibility with no contract, further reinforcing its appeal.

The Solution: uAttend DR2000

The uAttend DR2000 offers a transformative solution by providing a no-contact clocking experience powered by facial recognition and voice-controlled functionality. Here's how it enhances workforce management in the construction industry:

  1. No-Contact Convenience

    The DR2000 utilises cutting-edge facial recognition technology, enabling workers to seamlessly clock in or out, manage breaks, transfer departments, and track tasks—all through voice commands. This eliminates the need for physical interaction with the clocking machine, promoting workplace safety and hygiene. In environments where gloves are required or where hygiene is critical, the DR2000 offers a secure and convenient alternative to traditional clocking methods.

  2. Enhanced Security and Compliance

    With the ability to verify an employee's face even when wearing a mask, the DR2000 ensures compliance with safety protocols, particularly in medical workplaces. By leveraging facial recognition technology, the DR2000 provides a secure and reliable method of time and attendance tracking, minimising the risk of unauthorised access or time theft. Furthermore, its backup feature ensures that clocking data is securely stored and uploaded to the cloud once connectivity is restored, safeguarding against data loss and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  3. Versatile Connectivity Options

    The DR2000 offers flexible connectivity options, including Wi-Fi or LAN access, to accommodate diverse construction site environments. Its plug-and-play functionality simplifies deployment, allowing construction companies to seamlessly integrate the DR2000 into their operations. Moreover, the DR2000 supports multiple clocking methods, such as RFID card/fobs and PIN numbers, catering to the unique needs of each workforce segment while maintaining compliance with safety protocols and industry standards.


In conclusion, the uAttend DR2000 revolutionises time and attendance tracking in the construction industry. By harnessing facial recognition technology and voice-controlled functionality, the DR2000 offers a no-contact clocking solution that improves safety, accuracy, and efficiency. With its intuitive design, strong security features, and effortless integration capabilities, the DR2000 stands ready to enhance workforce management practices in the construction industry, enabling companies to optimise operations while ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.