tracking your workforce

Reporting on your workforce

Every time your employees’ clock into uAttend, they power your system with data. Data that can be used to enable reporting on your workforce.

uAttend includes a host of reports as standard and depending on your business needs; you can instantly see real-time data on your overtime, payroll and more.

Key uAttend reports

Payroll summary – see who’s been paid. Filter by department, so you get a true sense of your cost of labour.

Daily Overtime – the total number of regular hours and the total number of overtime hours worked per employee or department.

Job tracking – the hours worked against specific jobs for a particular period.

Other types of reporting include:
Timecard Report
Batch Reports
Average Hours Report
Clocking Reports
Shift and Shift Exception Reports
Employee Reports
Expense Reports
Tips Report
Time Off Report
Scheduling Report
Scheduled FTP Reports

Benefits of reporting

Reporting gives you a full snapshot of how your business is doing in the area you’ve selected.

It saves you time, as uAttend create the reports using the system data automatically – no more spreadsheets for HR or operations.

All reports are sharable so that you can give management a heads-up on anything you think they need to know. The reports are also formatted simplistically, so anyone can understand them.

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