Connect to a remote login session

To start a remote session you’ll need a phone and a PC.

Step 1: Call 01761 410084 (or we’ll arrange to call you)

Step 2: The contact running the remote session will give you a session code, please enter this in the box below and click on the connect button:


What happens next?

A small file downloads automatically, we’ll ask you to run the file and then click Start. A box will appear on-screen asking if you accept the remote connection, click Yes. Once connected your contact will be able to see your screen and interact with it. They’ll talk you through uAttend and you can follow on-screen – please feel free to ask questions!

Is remote diagnostics fully secure?

Definitely! We can only view your computer when you allow us to. Industry standard security means that the link is secure and can’t be intercepted. We’re only viewing your screen and providing input in terms of typing and mouse movements.