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Remote clocking in works for N&P Electrical

N&P Electrical was founded in 2003 by Neil Firth and Paul Gray. The business has continued to grow and now employs more than 40 people and counting.

Initially an electrical and mechanical building services contractor, N&P Electrical has expanded to include 4 divisions, Electrical, Climate Control, Plumbing and Heating and Fire & Security.

The digits have it!

Richard Goodall joined N&P Electrical as Security Manager in 2014 to head up the Fire and Security division.

We asked Richard why the business needed a new time and attendance system.

“There were two key things. As the company is growing we wanted to move towards paperless working and replace the paper timesheets we were using. At the same time with more people working off-site we needed to improve the accuracy of the clocking in data.”

Because employees are out on customer sites Richard was looking for different ways of clocking in. uAttend offers 6 different clocking in options; biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, proximity terminals, web, phone and smartphone. All clocking in data is sent to a uAttend online account where it’s viewed and managed.

N&P Electrical initially decided on uAttend BN6000 biometric fingerprint terminals which are now being rolled-out across the divisions.

Biometric fingerprint terminals ensure that staff clocking in are who they should be. Each individual’s fingerprints are stored as a unique code on the system. When staff clock in, their fingerprint is scanned and matched to the stored code. This prevents staff being able to clock in and out for each other. As Richard says, they can’t swap fingers!

The business has also decided to invest in around 30 smartphones so people working off-site or on different jobs across the day can clock in remotely using the free uAttend smartphone app.

The free uAttend smartphone app works with both Apple and Android phones. uAttend has the facility for GPS tracking, managers and supervisors can see where staff working off-site have clocked in from. Staff can also be prevented from clocking in until they’re within a specified radius of a location.

A personal approach

Richard likes the fact that we have a more personal approach to our customers.

“The online tutorial with Simon Walsh really sold the system to me. A follow-up tutorial with my directors really impressed them as well.”

We asked Richard what his experience so far has been in getting uAttend up and running.

uAttend is easy to set up, everything is done online. Overall we’re impressed with what you can do online and the reporting is proving useful.”

Although Richard likes the fact the uAttend system is easy to set up and add to, there are times he’s needed answers to specific questions fast.

“I haven’t got time to read manuals. I’d rather pick up the phone and have someone take me through what I need to do there and then. The uAttend helpdesk phone support has been excellent.”

And finally…

Richard comments, “We know we’re not using uAttend to its full potential yet. For instance we’re looking at using the job tracking feature where staff just log in and out of different jobs. It’s an easy way to allocate hours against jobs.”

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