uAttend accurate time and attendance

Why recording employee’s time is important for your business

Businesses need an efficient way of recording the time worked by their employees. However large or small, many organisations have a basic requirement to know what hours have been worked by individual employees because:

  • Employers need to ensure that correct wages are paid to each employee. The hours worked need to be calculated so that employees are paid on time and the employer can manage and forecast their wages bill.
  • Employers are required by law to comply with employment legislation such as Working Time Regulations, Minimum Wage rulings and other tax and national insurance obligations.
  • Line managers and supervisors need this information to assess performance and productivity and keep track of absence, sickness and lateness. An accurate record of employee’s time means that holidays and other entitlements can be more easily calculated.

You can find some useful advice in Personnel data and record keeping a leaflet produced by ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) about the workforce records which employers need to keep.

Many businesses need to have in place effective ways of collecting and recording information about their employees’ time. Busy dealing with so many other aspects of their organisation, managers can often overlook the crucial requirement of ensuring they have an accurate time recording system.

So what are the options?

Customers come to us because they’ve become increasingly frustrated with manual records and timesheets which as a business grows become an inefficient and outdated way of dealing with time and attendance.

One option is to use software systems based on local PCs but these can be limiting because of the lack of access for multiple managers and employees, particularly if you want to offer employee self-service for holiday and other absence booking for example.

Many businesses are turning to cloud-based automated time and attendance systems. Cloud-based systems capture clocking in and out data and automatically compile this timecard data into payroll reports which can then be easily exported for speedy payroll processing.

The rich yet simple features of a system such as uAttend make it easier to accurately record employee time because:

  • It’s cloud-based so there’s no software to install or update – you simply sign-up for an account and log in.
  • Staff can be given a choice of ways to clock in and out. uAttend collects this clocking in information and aggregates all the data in your online account – it’s simple!
  • uAttend’s time management system automates the collection and processing of time and attendance data, improving accuracy and significantly speeding up data processing for payroll. Accurate time clocking data is sent for payroll processing – no more fiddly reconciliations!
  • uAttend also simplifies the management of holidays and sickness.
  • Managers and supervisors can use real time dashboards to see immediately who’s in and who’s not by employee, department or company-wide.
  • Managers can approve timecards online; they can view and print individual timecards and email them to employees. You can set up email alerts which you get if staff clock in late (or out early).
  • uAttend administrators can assign ‘supervisors’ to departments who can view, edit and archive employee profiles, view timecards and run reports.

Overall, uAttend is a great value, low monthly cost, time and attendance system. Even better, there is no tie-in period or contract.

uAttend is part of the Chronologic workforce management portfolio. To find out more about our time and attendance software solutions call 01761 410015 or email