uAttend GSM connection

£165.00£325.00 ex VAT

On remote sites there can be issues with poor or no internet connection. As our uAttend machines require an internet connection for clocking information to be sent to the uAttend Cloud Account, we have developed an integrated solution for the uAttend machines to help eliminate issues surrounding internet connection.

All of our uAttend machines can be connected to internet via our smart, easy to set up GSM Connection Options. These use a 4G SIM Card (provided by you) and a router to create a reliable internet connection for your machine.

The SIM Card required for the GSM Solution needs to be the standard size SIM (not micro or nano). We recommend to check to see what is the best network for your area, so you can ensure you have signal at site. The SIM must have a 4G data allowance. We recommend contract SIMs over Pay as you Go, the lowest available 4G contract should be fine as the data output from the clocking in machine is very low.

We offer 3 options:

Option 1 Standard: Router and configuration
£165.00 ex VAT

Option 2 Secure: Secure cabinet, dual power sockets, router and configuration
£285.00 ex VAT

Option 3 Travel: Secure cabinet, dual power sockets, in-car power plug, router and configuration
£325.00 ex VAT

These prices do not include a clocking machine

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All uAttend biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID proximity machines can be linked using a router and 4G SIM card for internet access via LAN cable or WiFi. We supply the router as a part of your GSM Connection and along with any machine ordered, we can configure this so that you simply plug-and-play.

The GSM connection for remote clocking is fully PAT tested.

You’ll need to source a 4G Data SIM (your IT team will be able to help with this). Once you’ve purchased and activated your SIM card, send it to us, we’ll then configure the router, test, and build the clocking in system to your specification to help remote clocking. The lowest available 4G contract should be fine as the data output from the clocking in machine is very low.
NB: It’s best to check network coverage in the area the clocking machine will be used before choosing your supplier.

Secure Box
What’s in the box?
Provided within the box is a dual power supply (two power sockets) and the router. Inside the router will be the 4G SIM that you have provided. The box is lockable and comes with a key to ensure that the contents cannot be altered.

Box dimensions
H – 32cm
W – 20cm
D – 14cm

The depth of option 2 & 3 is not the same as the secure box, as the machine will be door mounted to the front.

Please note, our GSM Solutions are not IP Rated and we recommend installing the device inside, away from water, dust and any harmful substances.

Lead Times
We aim to despatch 3 – 5 working days after we have received both the SIM and cleared funds.

Please note, the box and contents may look different to the pictures.
We recommend a UK SIM card to be provided at point of configuration. If you provide us with a non-standard UK SIM, or aim to install the machine outside of mainland GB, we cannot guarantee the connection configuration will be successful or provide Support for any connection issues you have.

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