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Office work from home – top time and attendance tools

Office Work From Home | Helpful Time & Attendance Tools

If you’re used to working in an office, working from home can suddenly seem like an impossible task.

With the UK lockdown set to last until at least 7 May, making sure you and your colleagues have the right tools to keep you motivated and work flowing is more important than ever.

It’s not just about the workspace banter; it’s ensuring that collaboration and essential tasks are completed.

Therefore, a scheduling tool is vital:

A scheduling tool is designed to help you not only layout what and when, but who you want to allocate for each task.

Our scheduling tool enables you to set shifts and employees to these shifts. You can call each schedule what you need – whether it’s admin, sales, marketing or more.

Another critical tool is hour tracking:

This isn’t about catching people out but knowing how long each person spent completing their work each day. Hour tracking will give you all more time to schedule calls, spend time brainstorming and more.

Our clocking in and out system enables you to also track breaks and switch departments via our App or web browser.

Finally, cost centre reports:

What’s the point of the above tools if you can’t see how much everything is costing you?

Our cost centre reporting feature allows you to see cost centre reporting on departments, individuals and projects.

uAttend by Chronologic is a cloud-based time and attendance system that offers all of the above and more for office work from home.

uAttend costs just £17.99 per month. It comes with no contract or hidden fees, and your employees can start tracking their hours from day one.