Working from home

New Utility Tool Launched to help businesses seamlessly work from home

To ensure that you can enable your employees to clock via the web and smartphone as quickly and efficiently as possible, we’ve created the new Utility Tool!

The Utility Tool allows any administrator to enable web and smartphone app clocking for their employees.

To set up your employees to work remotely, all you need is your Company ID and Administrator Username & Password. You can find full instructions – here.

The ability to enable employees to clock via their phone or web is vital during the COVID-19 crisis and comes included within your monthly subscription. Clocking via web and smartphone can be used at the office, at home or on location.

For employees without access to the Internet or a smartphone, uAttend also offers touch-tone phone clocking. Please note that an additional fee of 3p applies to each clock in and out. For more on touch-tone clocking, click here.