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The new Chronologic website | Discover the company behind uAttend

Over the UK lockdown, instead of twiddling our thumbs, the Chronologic team decided to invest in updating our company website. We did this so all our online information is as clear as possible.

One of the main aims for operation ‘Crystal Clear’ was to separate our Workforce Management System – WFM, from our Chronologic business page.

By doing this, we have created a dedicated resource for WFM customers. Plus! enabled all Chronologic customers (uAttend, WFM and Citadel) to know more about the Chronologic brand, values, and products.

You can view the new Chronologic website here.

On top of the website renovations, we have also launched dedicated uAttend social media channels:

Make sure to follow us so that you can get information on the latest uAttend features, offers and top-tips.

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