New uAttend App

We’ve officially launched the new uAttend mobile app!

As part of our ongoing investment in uAttend, the updated app is now available to you and your employees at no extra cost.

It’s now possible for your employees to perform more functions from their smartphones, including requesting time off, recording expenses, viewing timecards and quickly clocking in and out for lunch and breaks. We’ve updated the app because we believe in seamless Time and Attendance tools above all.

To update your app, you and your employees will need to log-in again. To do this, you will need to have the following information:

1. Your Company ID – Located in the top bar of your online cloud account between the date and username.

uAttend App

2. The user’s personal Username & Password as used in the previous version of the app.

What the new app will do for you:

Quicker Clocking

Employees can clock in and out, clock for breaks and lunches and submit department transfers. Because we listen to your feedback, you’ll now see when you’re pressing the button to clock.

Time Off Requests

Employees can submit requests for time off easily via the app and select what reason for their time off request. Besides this, employees can view balances and any upcoming time off.

Handy Helper

So much power in the palm of your hand! Add timecard notes and expenses. Email & approve timecards.


Now you can easily consolidate timecards to view the summary with all the details quickly.

The updated app is the latest in a long line of new features for uAttend subscribers. We’ve recently released a new Scheduling feature and Utility tool. All of our updates come free of charge because we believe all customers, new and existing, should have access to the best Time & Attendance tools.

To find out more about uAttend – click here.
Most importantly, to download our App click for Android | or for iOS

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