Attendance management software

“Missing” employees? Hold off the search party…

Does your attendance management software show some workers as missing? Relax. It could be one of several scenarios…

Let’s start with what is, by far, the least likely, which is that they are actually missing. In which case, it almost goes without saying but stop reading this and call whoever you need to, as soon as possible, to make sure they’re ok (or not sleeping under a desk/on a warehouse shelf, etc.).

The most likely scenario is that they have clocked in as normal, either by using their biometric data – fingerprint or facial recognition – card, fob or by using their smartphone app, and then simply forgotten to clock out at the end of their shift/work day. This happens all the time, even to the best of us, and is really not a big deal. It would, however, be a much bigger deal, if it prevented them from clocking in the next day.

One of the many really useful features of a time and attendance system such as uAttend, is that after a specified period of time, which you can set to be anywhere between 14 and 72 hours, depending on your company’s activities and needs, any employee who has clocked in to work, will automatically be classified and displayed as missing. This means they will be able to clock in again as normal the next time they come in to work.

Administrators can, at a glance, see either by looking at the staff as a whole or by going through each department or site individually, and then edit the clocking details as necessary. The Missed Clocking Widget shows active missed clock-ins for both the current and previous pay periods (shifts) and means administrators can manually sign them out for previous shifts.

Users with Supervisor status can, if they have relevant permission, also view and edit missed clock-ins, but only for the staff members in the departments for which they are responsible.

The Missed Clocking function of our attendance management software means your business can continue to run smoothly whilst you ascertain the whereabouts of your employees, who, in all likelihood, are right back where they should be, completely unaware that they forgot to clock out in the first place.

This is just one feature that makes cloud-based attendance management software so useful in the day-to-day running of your company, but there are many, many more. Click here to explore what other benefits it can bring to the organisation and efficiency of your workforce.

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