Time & Attendance features and benefits

Key Features and Benefits

Empowering Precision, Flexibility, and Insight

  1. Several clocking methods to choose from. Mix and match as many of these as you like, to suit your workforce and business model.
  2. Access to real-time online dashboards. Gain instant insights into who is at work and where they clocked in.
  3. Rounding Rules. With our rounding and grace periods decide how much flexibility you want to offer and pre-set a margin you are happy with to avoid early clocking out and frequent late arrivals.
  4. Holiday management. Authorise time off, manage sick leave and classify holidays as paid or unpaid, with the option of setting separate pay rates for anyone working public holidays.
  5. Overtime. Set provisions for overtime calculations, including rates, either by daily or weekly hours worked, specific time of day, etc.
  6. Reporting. Produce quick and detailed reports on individual employees, departments, site or even the entire company. Export payroll to programmes like Sage®, Paychex® and QuickBooks®.
Key features and benefits

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Revolutionising Construction with a uAttend Time and Attendance Product

Exploring the Benefits of uAttend

As well as a host of functionality designed to give your managers valuable insights, a time and attendance system provides you with the big picture when it comes to workforce optimisation.

Data accumulated from overtime, absences, scheduling and more are all available to view 24/7, meaning that when decisions need to be made, you can see the impact instantly.

Other benefits include:

  • Lifetime repair/replacement warranty: this applies to all uAttend clocking machines.
  • Online help: find the information you need quickly online, through our chat function or help portal.
  • Friendly UK-based support: no automated responses, no chatbots and no endless waits with terrible music whilst you’re left on hold for hours. Our helpdesk team of actual, real-life people will happily answer your queries via email or phone, all part of your monthly subscription.
  • Three levels of timecard approval authority: give each worker either administrator, supervisor or employee approval, depending on their level of responsibility.
  • No contract or tie-in period: activate your account almost immediately, and, should you decide it’s not for you, or your circumstances change, you can deactivate your account within around 24 hours. No strings attached.
  • Scalable solutions: uAttend adapts with you, meaning that you can easily change your monthly subscription to reflect any fluctuations in staff numbers.
  • No software to install or upgrade: all of uAttend’s new features and updates are included as part of your monthly subscription.
  • Utility tool: Quickly and easily enable your employees to use the web and smartphone clock-in systems to clock from the office, home, or wherever they are working.
  • Intuitive scheduling: There’s no need to re-enter employees into the system to use the scheduling; simply assign them a position, create shifts, then fill as needed, and repeat each week or change whenever necessary.
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