Integration of uAttend Transforms the Leisure Industry

Integration of uAttend Transforms the Leisure Industry

Kings Premier Health Club has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a modern leisure facility offering a wide range of sports facilities and classes. The integration of uAttend has not only streamlined operations but also exemplified the incredible potential of technology for the leisure sector.

Leading this transformative journey is Steve Brehaut, the Club Director, who recognised the inefficiencies inherent in their traditional attendance management system.

We were using a manual timesheet system which was time-consuming and open to human error,

Steve confessed, shedding light on the industry-wide challenge of managing attendance efficiently.

Steve’s quest for a solution led him to uAttend, a decision he now champions with enthusiasm. He elucidated,

uAttend is used to avoid employees having to spend time at the end of each month in trying to recall the hours they have undertaken during the month and in what department, as it is all recorded in real time.

The real-time recording capability of uAttend has emerged as a game-changer for Kings Premier Health Club, providing a crystal-clear view of staff attendance, sparing employees from the painstaking task of manual record-keeping.

Presently, 34 employees at Kings Premier Health Club utilise uAttend’s web and phone clocking features, heralding a new era of efficiency. Steve commended uAttend’s user-friendly interface, noting,

uAttend provides a simple easy-to-use and cost-effective system.

This ease of use has paved the way for a smoother transition, with staff and management embracing the system with enthusiasm.

One of uAttend’s most profound benefits at Kings Premier Health Club has been its ability to generate comprehensive reports, shedding light on employee time allocation across various departments. Steve emphasised,

It has streamlined and enhanced the accuracy of our payroll system,

underscoring the transformative power of uAttend’s reporting capabilities in the leisure industry.

Steve also lauded uAttend’s service and support, describing them as

very professional with great response times.

This unwavering support has cemented Kings Premier Health Club’s trust in uAttend as a reliable partner on their digital transformation journey.

Embrace uAttend Technology for Efficiency, Accuracy, and Customer Satisfaction

The successful integration of uAttend by Kings Premier Health Club stands as a compelling testament to the potential of technology within the leisure industry. Furthermore, by embracing innovative solutions such as uAttend, leisure facilities not only enhance operational efficiency but also boost accuracy and elevate customer satisfaction.

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