How to retain talent with Time and Attendance

How to retain talent with Time and Attendance

It’s fair to say that most employees want the same things; to be paid fairly for their work, to be respected in their workplace and to be rewarded for good service.

Businesses can often hit several of these targets themselves through management recommendations and more. But what if you had a system that could help you target all of these wants, to ensure that you can retain your talent.

Say goodbye to unappreciated workers, and hello to a happier workforce tomorrow.


This comes under the ‘be paid fairly for their work’ need. But it also goes deeper than that, with a transparent work culture you can build trust, loyalty and even pride in your business.

Employees being able to clearly see what and how they were paid is a good place to begin and with a Time and Attendance system, it’s all done for you!

Your employees simply clock their working hours, you add your working rules (overtime, rounds and grace etc.) and the system does the rest. Payroll is more accurate and quicker than manual efforts, and employees can see exactly what they were paid via their T&A App.


Much like transparency, fairness helps build goodwill in the workplace and avoids colleague fallouts or even trips to HR in some cases.

There’s nothing worse than knowing you work harder than someone else and still get paid the same amount. Especially if the lack of work on your colleagues’ part, causes your workload to go up.

Think of all the extra tea/smoking breaks, lateness or no shows the underachieving employees take over the years and how each one can chip away at a good workers self-worth.

With Time and Attendance Software you can put a stop to this by tracking hours, breaks and applying penalties for lateness, no shows and more.


So let’s say you manage to stop lateness and make your labour force fair, you ensure transparency of pay, and now you just need to work out the benefits you give employees for abiding by these rules.

It could be monetary bonuses, or gifts, whatever the way you chose, make sure that the terms for benefits are explained for employees and ensure that the ‘giving’ of benefits is always consistent.

According to a Principal Financial Group survey, 42% of businesses see benefits as one of the top ways to attract and retain employees.

With a Time and Attendance System, you could simply pull off a report at the end of each month and award employees with perfect attendance, or those who fulfil a set amount of overtime. The choice is yours.

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