How to find the best clocking method for my business?

How to find the best clocking method for my business?

If you’ve decided you need to track your employee hours, the next logical step is how you wish to track those hours.

Traditionally, this would have involved a ‘punch’ in and out card. A physical piece of paper that holds information on your employee hours.

This method is not only easy to lose but can be tampered with – meaning time theft, overpayment or human error.

Thankfully, technology has moved on and you now have a host of options available to pick from depending on your business needs.

In this article, we will break down the most common methods available for Time and Attendance clocking and the reasons why businesses choose them.

All the options below are available via uAttend – our cloud-based time and attendance system.

Your Business clocking options:

  1. Biometric Fingerprint,
  2. Biometric Facial Recognition,
  3. RFID machine
  4. Web clocking
  5. Phone clocking
  6. Smartphone App

Ideally, you will have a set preferred method, however in times like the past year (COVID-19) having access to a mix’n’match system is your best option.

Why? Because employees can still track their time no matter whether they are in the office, at home or off-site.

Biometric Fingerprint clocking machines –

Our fingerprint clocking machines are the most popular method we sell.

Not only does Biometric clocking ensure that employees are where they say they are (no buddy clocking), but they are an affordable option for offices, factory workers and labour forces in set locations.

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Facial recognition machines are the ‘it’ thing

Thanks to COVID-19’s legacy, hygiene and germs will become a health and safety issue for many businesses for years to come.

Currently offices that wanted to use a fingerprint machine will now choose a facial recognition scanner – as it is contactless.

Prior to Coronavirus, facial recognition was the choice of employers who had trouble with taking fingerprints from their employee’s (builders, labourer’s with dirty or worn hands etc.) and those needing to main a high level of hygiene – e.g. food production

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RIFD machines offer a no-touch approach. Simply get your RFID card, hold it against/near the tmachine and you’re good to go.

Unlike Biometric machines (fingerprint and facial recognition) you are relying on employee trust, however, it is by far the fastest and easiest set up for employers with hundreds of employees.

Just set an employee against the number on a card in the system and you’re good to go.

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Web –

Web clocking is exactly as it sounds. Clocking in via an internet-connected device.

This could be a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. The web clocking unit could be a communal computer at the front desk or individual computers throughout your work.

Best of all when choosing web clocking as an option you can set IP restrictions – meaning employees cannot clock in at an unauthorised location.

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Landline –

Landline clocking is a popular option for off-site workers such as cleaners or catering staff.

Employees simply dial and ring the set number from a designated (or any) phone, and their time is clocked.

The biggest benefits of phone clocking is its accessibility – most people have access to a phone, even if not a smartphone.

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App –

A clocking app offers individuals the chance to have their own machine within their phone.

Not only can you clock in and out, but in many cases, you can view timesheets, request holiday and clock breaks via the app.

A smartphone app also gives employers the chance to set geolocation tracking, meaning you can see where your workers are clocking in and out.

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Whatever option you pick, talk to your provider to ensure it will work seamlessly in your workforce environment.

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