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How to Clean a Biometric Fingerprint Terminal

uAttend by Chronologic offers a host of clocking options, including fingerprint scanners.

Our fingerprint scanners are affordable, reliable and before COVID 19, one of our best sellers for biometric units.

For our customers that already have a fingerprint terminal, and for new customers who need the affordability and reliability of a fingerprint unit, but are unsure, we wanted to clarify how you clean your units to make them ‘pandemic safe’.

How to clean your Fingerprint Sensor

Unless you are changing departments, or clocking for a break, the only screen your employees will need to touch on the uAttend terminal is the fingerprint scanner to clock in and out.

Apart from obvious health and safety rules, knowing how to clean your terminal correctly is important, as it will ensure accurate clocking.

It goes without saying that keeping your terminal as clean and dust free as possible is a good plan. Although the reader will work in most situations, proper maintenance will give your terminal (and investment) a longer working lifespan.

There are several sources instructing owners on how to clean biometric fingerprint scanners, however, for the uAttend terminals, we advise you follow our steps below:

clean a biometric fingerprint terminal
  • It might seem simple – but always remember to unplug your terminal before cleaning.
  • Using a lint-free cloth will minimise scratches on the sensor and the need for extra cleaning. The Ethanol will ensure that 99.9% of germs are removed.
  • Letting the unit dry is time-consuming– especially if you have a queue of workers waiting to clock, but it will ensure that your workers prints are read correctly.
  • If you don’t have the time or resources to clean your scanner between each clocking, we suggest you clean the terminal every shift beginning and end, at a minimum. If you choose to do this, you will need to ensure your employees sanitise their hands after clocking.
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