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How technology is revolutionising time management

Time management technology has been transforming the capability of successful organisations for decades. 

Long gone are the days of paper timesheets or bundy clocks. Automation is king. 

Why waste time calculating payroll data, absence or overtime costs? Time management technology can do it all for you. In real-time. At an uber affordable price. 

Isn’t it time to embrace the tech already at your fingertips? You need SaaS. 

What is time management SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is essentially software which is hosted by a third-party provider. Who then makes the software available to customers over the internet. 

A key feature of SaaS is that it is cloud-based rather than being stored on local hardware and servers. Saas is perfect for:

  • Mobile or remote workers. SaaS can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and on a variety of devices. 
  • Increases productivity of managers and supervisors. No longer reliant on office-based systems and PCs within office hours. Managers are freed up to be able to perform a range of functions, ‘on the go’ and from any location, anytime.
  • No maintenance or upgrading headaches. The SaaS provider takes care of maintaining and upgrading the system so your organisation has no IT hassles. 
  • Saves on hardware costs. Businesses don’t need to spend on the hardware needed to install and run the applications because SaaS is stored ‘in the cloud’.

So you chose the tech. You understand the savings and reason why Cloud-based and SaaS is better. But how will that time management technology benefit your business?

Find out what some of our users had to say:

1 – Do away with paper timesheets

Accurate information about the hours your employees have worked should be at the heart of your business. 

Richard Goodall, Security Manager at N&P Electrical has recognised the benefits of paperless working, telling us 

As the company is growing we wanted to move towards paperless working and replace the paper timesheets we were using. At the same time with more people working off-site we needed to improve the accuracy of the clocking in data.

For other companies, it’s the appeal of increased efficiency and value-for-money.

Bobby Lambkin-Williams, group accountant for the Brighton Implant Clinic, told us why they looked for a new clocking in system. 

We chose uAttend because the system offered the flexibility and convenience we were looking for from a cloud-based service. It was also much cheaper than our existing solution. The fact that hardware support was also included in the cost was a bonus too.

A strength of automated attendance software is the quick and efficient processing of payroll for HR and Admin.

2 – Proving staff are where they should be

For some organisations, it can be challenging to keep track of staff on dispersed sites working a range of hours. Employees can forget swipe cards or fobs, or worse, maybe tempted to clock in for each other. 

A simple solution is using facial recognition clocking in terminals.

Keith Busfield, IT Support Manager at Future Cleaning Services is keen to harness the benefits of new technology for his company. 

We chose uAttend as it’s really easy to set-up and manage. Because uAttend is cloud-based, it’s low maintenance for me. I don’t have to install or update software which frees up my time for other projects like the customer portal.

3 – Time Management Access Anywhere

In a nutshell, new technology can give you access to data anytime, anywhere. 

Different authorised staff can access the data at the same time and from different locations. Another major advantage of cloud-based software over paper-based systems or even hard-drive-based computer systems.

The digital revolution has already begun with a majority of people owning smartphones and laptops. All of which will run your business cloud-based software.

Why invest?

Time and attendance systems are ideal for businesses of all types, big or small across a range of sectors.

With mobile staff and variable patterns of working now becoming the norm, it is difficult to deny the value of time management techniques.

uAttend is a simple but smart system with a host of functionality including:

  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Payroll data
  • Absence
  • Holiday requests

All from just £17.99 per month.

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