Time and Attendance System

How can a Time and Attendance System help your business?

Firstly, the question we asked was deliberate: notice we didn’t say “Can a Time and Attendance System help your business?” for the simple reason that the answer is always, always yes.

So, starting from the knowledge that time and attendance software can, without doubt, help yours and, in fact, any business, let’s look into the hows, shall we?

There is no denying that, after the past couple of years of, firstly, the pandemic-lockdown balancing act, followed by the more recent cost-of-living crisis, no company wants to spend even so much as a pound more than is absolutely necessary right now. Decisions may take longer, be looked at under far much more scrutiny, and, if an investment of any kind is to be made, there can be little or no doubt that it is worth it.

For so many reasons, a good time and attendance system is absolutely, unquestionably, worth it. Before knowing how it can help your business, of course, it may be worth going over what we actually mean by time and attendance software. If you’re not quite sure and would like a more detailed explanation, please hop on over to our time and attendance page after you’ve finished reading.

So, back to the question in hand: How can a time and attendance system help your business?

  1. By saving you money. Let’s start with what, for so many, is the most important benefit. You’ll save on tedious admin tasks, pay your employees accurately for the hours they have worked (but no more) and you’ll also avoid overstaffing and buddy clocking issues, which, as you probably know, can be very costly.
  2. By saving you valuable time. Anyone who’s ever dealt with time sheets, payroll calculations, holiday request forms and so on, will know the amount of time a seemingly straightforward process can take. These hours of precious peoplepower can be put to far better use elsewhere.
  3. By giving you real-time access to valuable business data, such as the clocking data of your employees, which will tell you exactly who is at work – and where – at any given time. You can also manage holiday requests quickly and easily, checking who has already booked the same dates off before making your decision.
  4. By taking the stress out of reporting. uAttend can produce quick, detailed reports on demand, whether you need details on specific departments, individual employees, a particular branch/site or the whole company.
  5. By creating happier workers. Time and attendance systems have been proven to boost the morale of staff members who feel neither part of a team nor valued for their hard work, when other colleagues are arriving late and leaving early and seemingly facing no consequences.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes in pretty much every industry imaginable, are already reaping the benefits of their time and attendance systems. Book a free demo with our friendly sales team and find out how uAttend can start working for you today.

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