Why Hospitality needs employee attendance management

Hospitality industry & employee attendance management: A recipe for success

At any time of year, a reliable employee attendance management system is a good idea if you work in the hospitality industry. At this particularly frenetic time of year, it’s absolutely essential. Why? Well, because it can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you admin-wise, that would otherwise be a considerable drain on personnel resources, not to mention the time, money and stress you can save.

What questions can an employee attendance management system answer for you?

With real-time data and 24/7 access to all your cloud-based information, you can get the answers to questions that may otherwise take several hours (even days), in a matter of minutes.

Questions such as:

  1. How many staff do you need to cover a certain shift?
  2. Who has booked time off, and when?
  3. Which employees are consistently late or missing?
  4. Do I need to take on seasonal staff?
  5. How much money is being spent on overtime?

If you own or manage a business in the hospitality sector, there really is no better time than right now to sign up for a cloud-based time and attendance system. Yes, it’s the run-up to Christmas, New Year and the frantic January sales, meaning that for bars, cafes and restaurants, it’s insanely busy at the moment (we hope, for your business’ sake). And yes, you’re probably already spinning several plates in the air and didn’t really want another thing on your to-do list.

But here’s the thing: this very simple to switch over to a cloud-based employee attendance management system can take just minutes to implement, and you will begin reaping the benefits almost instantly.

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For a start, who exactly is at work, right now, and where did they clock in (i.e. which branch/shop, etc if you’re managing more than one). Which employees have booked holiday time off and will therefore need covering, and on which dates? Normally this would be an HR question, you may need to look through a folder filled with papers to find the forms or navigate a spreadsheet that can take hours. With uAttend, you can access this crucial information from wherever you are, whenever you need it, allowing you to make the business decisions necessary quickly, effectively and easily. You can even view real time clocking data via our uAttend smartphone clock-in app.

Cost-of-living crisis or not, people are out, as always, looking for bargains and enjoying some food and drink in the process, just like they always have. But the headaches this can generate at an HR level, for those trying to work out how many extra staff are needed to cover holidays, sickness and the increased volume of foot traffic, and, with it, all the additional payroll calculations, including tons of overtime, holiday rates, and a very long etcetera, can be of epic proportions. Oh, and did we mention scheduling? It’s enough to have anyone reaching for the mulled wine at 9am.

A time and attendance system like uAttend can take care of your employee attendance management for you, meaning you can focus on something else. With employees clocking in and out every time they go to work, you will have instant access to their timecards to see who hasn’t shown up for work. The employees themselves can also access their information, meaning they can see when they are due to work (and not have to ask you or HR), request holidays, see their hours worked, including any overtime, and enjoy the peace of mind that every hour they work is being recorded and therefore they will be paid correctly.

These are just some of the many ways your business can benefit from using an employee attendance management system but there are so many more to discover. If you’d like to find out more, book yourself in for a free no-obligation demo or give us a call and we’d happily explain more.

Now, did somebody mention mulled wine…

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