Great value all round for KCC Cleaning

KCC Cleaning based at Ashton Gate in Bristol was founded in 1994 and now employs 52 people, they were our first uAttend cleaning company customer.  KCC has saved time and money managing staff attendance with uAttend. uAttend offers a choice of clocking in options and geolocation to allow employers to accurately monitor a workforce at dispersed sites and on the move.

KCC Cleaning has contracts for regular cleaning of homes, offices, public services and care homes as well as specialist events. Accurately monitoring the hours worked by an expanding out-of-hours, remote team was starting to cause headaches.

“We pride ourselves in offering a value-for-money service and as we grew, realised that we had to ensure that any member of staff employed was working their full quota of hours, and not abusing the system and short-changing us or our clients.” explains Managing Director Kevin Cooper.

“Like most cleaning companies we were working on trust but realising that our systems could be open to abuse, with staff signing each other in and out. Another concern was that if staff were not correctly accounted for it would be difficult to track who was in a building in the event of an emergency – potentially putting lives at risk.”

Calling all staff

On-site cleaning staff now use uAttend’s landline clocking in option. They simply call an 0800 number and use a personal pin number (which they are legally obliged not to share with others), to clock in. It’s quick and efficient and means there are no fobs or swipe cards to remember.

Kevin can log in to his uAttend online acccount from his mobile phone and access information about who’s where at any time.

“If there’s a problem and someone hasn’t signed in on-site I know straightaway and can investigate and send in back-up staff. We can also monitor day-to-day attendance and issue timely warnings if needed.”

Kevin comments, “Having already implemented the technology in over 20 of our sites with more to follow, we now have a highly disciplined approach and are providing an even more reliable service.

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