Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Employee Clocking

Facial recognition employee clocking might seem like something from a blade runner future, but in reality, it is a much-used tech.

Whether you have a smartphone, use social media or have a home or office security system in place, the likelihood is it will have some form of facial recognition functionality.

So, it’s only logical that this tech works with Time and Attendance software. Clocking in and out with your face makes sense, right!

No cards, codes or time spent scanning hands – just smile and go

What is it?

Facial recognition is the use of computer technology to identify or verify a person. 

It encodes selected facial features and matches someone clocking to that stored code. 

facial recognition system is a technology capable of matching a human face from a database of faces, typically employed to authenticate users through ID verification services, it works by pinpointing and measuring facial features from a given image.

The benefits of facial recognition technology

Facial recognition terminals are easy to use. And once set up your employees simply have to present their faces to clock in and out.

  1. The complete elimination of buddy clocking. As you can’t just borrow someone’s face to clock them in, unlike clocking fobs or cards.
  2. Clocking in via facial recognition technology is also contactless. Meaning employees can clock in and out without having to touch the device. This has become a particular worry and issue for businesses in the COVID-19 world.
  3. Payroll data is also more accurate with a facial recognition terminal linked to a time and attendance system. As clocking data is 100% accurate and eliminates the possibility of human error or false payment claims. If you’re not there to clock in, the system won’t track your hours.

Clocking in via the terminals take just 2 seconds and the unit can be placed at the entrance of your office or site-building, so employees’ clock as they come and go.

Business benefits include:

  • Savings on cost. Because there are no paper timesheets, swipe cards or fobs to purchase or maintain, the use of biometric recognition provides a cost-effective clocking-in alternative.
  • Improved security and health & safety control. It gives real-time attendance data and therefore an accurate picture of who is in your buildings, handy in the event of a fire roll call.
  • Hygiene facilities. Works well in environments where staff have wet or dirty hands for example kitchen staff, construction and agricultural workers.

Ready to get started?

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All the software you need to use your clocking terminal and automate clocking data to business insight, come free with your uAttend subscription.

uAttend can help you with:

  • Attendance tracking – via 6 different clocking methods​
  • Automated payroll data – including your overtime and pay rate calculations
  • Employee scheduling – easily plan shifts, roles, employee numbers and more
  • Reporting – know your labour costs, absence and holiday figures​
  • Holiday management – get time-off requests through the system​
  • Data exports – payroll, reports, timesheets and weekly shifts

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