Expanding your workforce

Expanding your workforce to cover Christmas?

We’ve got you

There are many reasons that make uAttend such a popular time and attendance solution. But perhaps one of the features that companies find most useful is its scalability.

Put simply, the system grows with you – whether that’s up or down. Or up, then down, then up again. Versatility like this makes life much less complicated, and never more so than in the run-up to Christmas, when many businesses find themselves needing to take on more members of staff. This could be to cover existing employees who need to take the remainder of their annual holiday leave before the year’s out. Or, it could be in preparation for a predicted increase in foot traffic, orders or tasks, depending on the nature of your business.

If you suddenly find you need to take on 10, 50 or even 80 extra workers, you can easily change the software pricing category accordingly to suit your increased workforce size, and then simply upload their details into the uAttend system. Then, when these seasonal workers leave, you can change back to your original pricing plan. It really couldn’t be easier. And this is one reason businesses love uAttend.

Remember, however, that when once you reach 100 employees, the fee stays at £99.99/month (ex VAT), regardless of how many more staff you take on above that number. Unless you are also purchasing terminals, which are proved separately, then there is no difference between 150, 400 or 6,000 employees in terms of flat monthly rate.

Another big plus that customers really appreciate with uAttend is the fact that there is no tie-in period or minimum contract. You can stop using the system 24 hours* after pressing the red “cancel account” button. This is perfect if you have a seasonal business that only operates for a few months of the year. Should you ever wish to reactivate, all you have to do is give a member of our team a call and you can be set up again almost immediately.

So, if you’re looking to add to your team in the near future, or simply want to join the many businesses already reaping the benefits from the operational efficiency and valuable insights provided by cloud-based time and attendance software, book yourself a free demo and see how uAttend could work for your business.

*Working hours, weekends excluded.

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