Scalable time and attendance software

Expanding? Shrinking? Relax, so will we.

“Adapt or Die” said Charles Darwin, all the way back in his 1859 book, The Origin of the Species. Granted, he said it far more eloquently and he was referring to live creatures adapting to their changing environmental pressures rather than Time and Attendance software, but you get where we’re going with this… App clocking!

With Time and Attendance software now a staple in so many businesses, and smartphone apps being developed at astonishing rates dealing with everything from ordering our shopping to selling second hand clothes, it was only a question of time before apps allowing employees to clock in and out would make an appearance.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits afforded by the uAttend clock-in app – both employers and employees. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app is suitable for anyone with a smartphone, but is particularly suited to remote or hybrid staff, employees working on multiple sites such as cleaners or construction workers, or anyone who finds themselves needing to travel on a regular basis as part of their job.

There are many benefits of app clocking – here are our Top 5:

  1. It’s really convenient. There’s really no comparison when it comes to ease of use. No physical clocking machine comes close to being able to clock in with your mobile phone, and of course no machine also allows employees to view timesheets, request holidays, etc – they would have to log on via the web portal for that.
  2. Employees can check their timecards. Giving employees access to their timecards means they can easily view when and where they are programmed to work on their phones, from wherever they are. This has a double advantage – as they can freely access the information themselves, they won’t be asking you or a line manager what their shifts are, which can easily become overwhelming when you’re dealing with tens of workers asking the same thing.
  3. Holiday planning is easier than ever. Paper holiday request forms, begone! Allowing employees to request time off from the app takes what can often be a time-consuming process plagued by human error (“I can’t remember if I handed the form in”, “I asked my manager and they said it was fine”, “I lost the form but I definitely booked it off”, “I thought I had way more days than that left”, etc.) and makes it all much simpler. Employees can see their used holiday days and the number remaining, before requesting time off. Employers can then check to see if there are any undesirable clashes with colleagues in the same department or with a specific skillset, before accepting or refusing the request and sending a notification to the employee.
  4. Employees love it. For many businesses, this has been the biggest advantage of app clocking – workers are very keen to get on board. It gives them a greater sense of autonomy and control over their work, as well as providing a higher level of transparency.
  5. It’s free. And, let’s be honest for a minute, that’s not something we can say about much in life, especially right now. The uAttend clock-in app is free with every account, and you can add as many workers as you want and/or need for app clocking. If you’re trying to work within a budget and have no need for biometric clocking machines, the app is a cost-effective solution that works almost immediately when once your account is activated.
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