uAttend time tracking solutions for remote workers

Employee time tracking solutions for remote workers

With remote working on the increase in today’s economy, businesses with employees working at remote and multiple sites are always searching for the best solution to track their staff. While staff in one place can be more easily managed, it can prove complex keeping track of remote workers. Sectors such as construction, cleaning and care can find this essential management task particularly challenging.

Tracking the time worked by employees is essential to many businesses. You need to know that tasks are being completed and that your own clients’ needs are being met. You also need to have accurate and verifiable information in order to pay your staff the correct amount. Getting this wrong will not only impact on your staff, but your business – it can seriously skew your financial projections and, ultimately, your profits.

Shrewd businesses want a time tracking solution which is easy to use, secure yet cost-effective too – all especially important if you have staff clocking in on the move or on client sites. Managers and supervisors looking to save time should look for an option which will automate the collection and processing of time and attendance data and improve the accuracy and speed of data processing for payroll. The best solutions will also simplify the management of holidays and sickness. So the time and attendance system which you choose is vital to your business.

Cloud-based or locally-hosted system?

Time cards, spreadsheets and manual data entry are becoming a thing of the past. Many businesses are adopting automated time tracking systems. A cloud-based time and attendance system offers flexibility and is cost-effective. With no software to install, cloud software won’t take up space on company networks and offers the advantage of being accessible from any PC, smartphone or other mobile device. It also means that small as well as large companies can benefit from the same functionality, all without the IT hassle.

Clocking-in options

The next decision is which employee clocking-in system to choose. Some cloud-based time and attendance systems offer a range of choices from which you can choose one or a combination to suit your business:

  • RFID terminals – staff can clock-in using RFID swipe cards or proximity fobs.
  • Biometric terminals – these terminals use fingerprint or facial recognition for clocking-in so managers can be sure who is clocking-in, useful for remote sites.
  • Phone clocking and smartphone clocking app – companies with employees working on remote or dispersed sites find phone and smartphone app clocking particularly useful and cost-effective. Organisations using uAttend phone clocking include cleaning, on-site maintenance companies and carers making home or other site visits.
  • Web clocking – supervisors can choose which staff can access a self-service web-clocking account using any device with access to the internet.

Even if you think you’ve already cracked it, are you sure you’ve currently got the most time-saving, highly-functional and economical solution?

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