Employee time tracking

Employee time tracking how important is reporting?

The uAttend Time and Attendance system offers a wide variety of Reporting to help Companies with all their employee time tracking needs.

Without reporting, Companies will have no workforce knowledge for resource allocation or for planning busier periods. That is where a Time and Attendance system comes in! uAttend employee attendance tracking can be used to track Overtime that is being completed – highlighting the busier times and helping with future planning to reduce the overall overtime bill for the company.

Shift reporting

The uAttend Time and Attendance system has a feature available called ‘Shifts’. The shift works for any company who have a set weekly shift pattern and provides valuable insights into the timekeeping skills of your employees.

The shifts feature allows you to enter a start and end time for your employees for each day of the week. This then automatically creates an Exception Report for you to clearly see when someone clocks in late or out early, which can be used during appraisals and meetings with that employee.

Another other benefit of this shift’s feature is that you can receive notifications when an employee has clocked in late or out early. As the uAttend Time and Attendance system is cloud-based, the detail is available in real time and the email alert is too, helping so that you can take the appropriate action immediately! It’s a bit like Big Brother watching your employees…

Location reporting

By using uAttend’s Smartphone App your employees can clock anywhere in the UK with ringfence locking anywhere in mainland GB. The App doesn’t track your employees throughout the day, it simply geo-locates them at point of clock.

Using our Clocking Report, you can not only report on your employees unrounded times for 100% accurate data; you can also view the exact clocking location of employees to double check that they are in the correct place when clocking.

Still wanting more time attendance reporting?

There are many other reports available through the uAttend Time and Attendance Cloud Account for you to view – Want to know more? Contact us on 01761 410015 or click here to book in for your free, no obligation online demonstration.

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