Elevating Healthcare Safety with Touch-Free Voice-Controlled Clocking Systems

Elevating Healthcare Safety with Touch-Free Voice-Controlled Clocking Systems

The adoption of touch-free voice-controlled clocking in machines by uAttend is revolutionising safety and operational efficiency in healthcare environments. Here’s a closer look at the benefits these innovative systems offer:

Unparalleled Hygiene

  • Feature: Entirely touch-free voice-controlled operation
  • Benefit: Significantly lowers the risk of cross-contamination by removing the need for physical contact with the device, thus enhancing safety for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Streamlined Efficiency

  • Feature: Rapid voice command recognition, even in bustling hospital environments
  • Benefit: Allows healthcare staff to clock in while on the move, without stopping to interact with a device. This streamlined process helps staff devote more time to patient care, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhanced Patient Interaction

  • Feature: Enables continuous, uninterrupted workflow for healthcare workers
  • Benefit: Medical staff can stay focused on patient care without the distraction of manual clock-ins, leading to better patient engagement and overall satisfaction.

Advanced Health Screening

  • Feature: Integrated temperature reader that scans workers’ temperatures upon clocking in
  • Benefit: The DR2500 biometric facial recognition machine includes a feature that allows setting a temperature lockout threshold. If an employee’s temperature meets or exceeds this limit (e.g., 37.8 degrees Celsius), they will not be allowed to clock in. This ensures that anyone potentially suffering from an illness like the flu is identified early, preventing the spread of infection and maintaining a healthier workplace.
Temperature Scanning Employee's

These features mark a significant step forward in how healthcare facilities manage their operations, emphasising both safety through hygiene and operational excellence. By implementing touch-free voice-controlled clocking systems, healthcare facilities are not only embracing modern technology but are also reinforcing their dedication to maintaining a secure and efficient environment.

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