Digital Timesheets - all you need to know

Digital Timesheets – all you need to know

What is a digital timesheet?

It might sound like a silly question but defining exactly what you get and want with a timesheet is important. Tracking employee hours might not be enough for you, your business could also need overtime, time spent in departments and more.

Traditionally you could use paper or spreadsheet software to track employee time, but with a digital timesheet, the software automatically fills the template with your employee clocking data (hours worked).

Why use timesheets?

Even with a simple 9-5 shift, businesses need to keep track of workers hours, how long they spend on breaks if they do overtime and more.

Not only will this speed up the payroll process, but it will enable you to keep a digital record of hours for years to come – which is legally required.

See our main reasons for maintaining a digital timesheet below:


  • Accurate data, automatically added to your timesheets means simple payroll processing.
  • If you choose a Time and Attendance system to fill your timesheet, you will also enjoy overtime, breaks and more pay rules added as standard.

Time Management

  • Knowing exactly how long labour takes to complete a task is vital for a host of industries including construction, manufacturing and more.
  • With clear data on how long a product or process took, your management can more accurately quote for work in the future.

Stop time theft

  • With a timesheet – lateness, overtime, long breaks and more are all brought to light.
  • Using technology such as biometric clocking machines (which read unique features of each employee) will also stop “buddy clocking”, which means other employees clocking for their friends.

Improve management

  • Help your managers by giving them accurate data to track labour costs by project department or company-wide.
  • Optimise shifts, job descriptions and more based on working hour knowledge.
  • Enable managers to accurately estimate expected costs based on past projects and then be able to compare them to the real cost of the project.

Whatever reason you choose for using a digital timesheet, uAttend by Chronologic can help.

We offer timesheet clocking via smartphone, web, fingerprint, RFID and facial recognition units. Find out more, here.