Time and Attendance for dental practice

Time and Attendance for dental practices

Keeping track of time and attendance for your dental practice shouldn’t be a headache.

Being a successful healthcare provider is not just about looking after people’s health.

If you’re responsible for a growing health-related business then the truth is you’ll also have to grapple with the administrative side of running a business.

So you’ll want to know when employees are in, for how long and in what department.

Why? Because just like any business, dental practices rely on labour. Labour that isn’t free and is often needed to ensure you maintain patient standards.

Web-based time & attendance tools take the hassle out of this admin so you can focus on providing the best experience for your patients.

Spend time with your patients, not paperwork.

The benefit of attendance software

Using attendance software such as uAttend, you’ll have access to a host of business insights all for one affordable monthly cost.

For instance, uAttend will help your clinic:

  • Save admin time and resources

Stop time spent on manually processing timesheet data for each employee.

Your employee clocking data will go to your cloud account in real-time. From there you can see payroll data, absences, labour costs, department hours and more.

  • Know your staff are there.

No need to work in the dark. Managers can easily get a real-time picture of staff on-site across all clinic locations. this will help you make sure patients are seen on time and fill any absence holes.

  • Say bye to ‘buddy punching’

Time theft is an issue for all businesses. Whether it’s a slightly longer break, lateness or unauthorised absence.

Using a time and attendance terminal in your dental practice will eliminate time theft, as when using a biometric terminal, such as a facial recognition clocking in terminal. Employees are unable to clock for each other. You also know they are on-site when they say they are (as their face is there!)

Allowing employees to clock in and out via a facial reader is also safer by avoiding the spread of germs as it is a no-touch option.

There are a host more reasons. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a modern dental cosmetic surgery clinic using uAttend.

Dental practice using attendance software

The award-winning Brighton Implant Clinic was founded in 2009 by Dr Bruno Silva. It has grown to four clinics in and around the south coast city of Brighton, with clinics now in Hove, Hailsham, Worthing and Brighton itself.

This modern group of clinics provides affordable dental implants and cosmetic dentistry of many types using the latest clinical techniques in state-of-the-art facilities.

The Challenge

As Dr Silva developed the thriving Clinic he recruited growing numbers of dedicated dentists, dental technicians, dental nurses and administrative staff. Bringing business success on the one hand, on the other, it resulted in the Clinic facing the challenge of keeping track of its varied staff across all of its sites.

It took a lot of time to manage the attendance and payroll of a large number of the staff, at different locations who were also on a combination of salaried and hourly paid contracts.

Then, when one of their old clocking in machines broke, the quest began for a new and better way of tracking staff.

The Solution

Bobby Lambkin-Williams, the accountant for the group, told us about their search for a new clocking in system.

We chose uAttend because the system offered the flexibility and convenience we were looking for from a cloud-based service. It was also much cheaper than our existing solution. The fact that hardware support was also included in the cost was a bonus too.

Staff clock-in using uAttend biometric fingerprint readers. Around 75 salaried and hourly paid employees use uAttend to clock in across three sites.

Read the case study in full here

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