Costco members benefit from special pricing on uAttend terminals and monthly subscriptions

It pays to choose uAttend - the accurate cost-effective time and attendance system

uAttend is a market-leading cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) employee attendance management system. uAttend collects and processes real time clocking in data significantly speeding up and increasing the accuracy of payroll processing. uAttend enables organisations to manage holidays, sickness and overtime more efficiently – all in one smart system.

Cloud software offers flexible and affordable solutions which a growing number of organisations are tapping into. This means smaller organisations can benefit from the same functionality as the ‘big guys’ at a fraction of the cost – and without the IT hassle.

Step 1

Staff clock in and out using a uAttend clocking in terminal, web, phone or smartphone. Data is sent securely to your online uAttend account.

Step 2

Managers and supervisors log in to uAttend to see who's in, view, amend and approve timecards, holidays, sickness and other absence.

Step 3

Managers and supervisors can view and run reports by employee, department and companywide. Create payroll exports.

uAttend is simple and easy-to-use

  • There’s no software to install.
  • Real time data from clocking in terminals, phone, smartphone and web clocking is sent to your uAttend online cloud account.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets. No need for any manual data processing, it’s all done for you by the uAttend software.
  • Clocking in data is stored and processed securely ‘in the cloud’.
  • Handles any number of employees and locations.
  • Managers and supervisors can log in to a uAttend online account from anywhere in the UK (or around the world), using PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.
  • View and manage real time, time and attendance data 24/7, 365 days a year.

A choice of clocking in options

uAttend offers a range of clocking in options. You can choose one or a combination to suit the way your business works. The system does all the hard work of bringing the data together for you so you can view and manage it using one easy-to-use web interface.

Clocking in terminalCB5500BN5000BN5500MN1000
uAttend Professional CB5000 series proximity clocking in terminalsuAttend Professional BN5000 series biometric fingerprint clocking in terminalsuAttend Professional BN5000 series biometric fingerprint clocking in terminalsuAttend CB5500
FeaturesRFID proximity terminal swipe card or fob.Biometric fingerprint scanningBiometric fingerprint scanningBiometric facial recognition
WiFi enabledYesNoYesNo
Ethernet ready / connects to networkYesYesYesYes
Number of employees who can clock inUnlimited2000 fingerprint IDs2000 fingerprint IDs100 Face IDs / unlimited swipe card or fob
Number of locations which can clock inUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
PIN clockingYesYesYesYes
Free lifetime warranty and supportYesYesYesYes
Monthly service subscription (See pricing plans below for details)YesYesYesYes
Normal price£179.00 (ex.VAT)£139.00 (ex.VAT)£209.00 (ex.VAT)£239.00 (ex.VAT)
Costco member price£166.66 (ex. VAT)£116.66 (ex.VAT)£183.33 (ex.VAT)£216.66 (ex.VAT)

In addition to clocking in terminals employees can clock in using:

  • Phone and smartphone clocking in: Using PIN numbers and geolocation gives greater flexibility if you have staff out on customer premises, on construction sites, etc. The free iPhone and Android apps are available to download.
  • Self-service web clocking in: Using a PC, Mac or tablet, employees can clock in remotely

(These options are set up and managed through your online uAttend account).

Managers and supervisors can log in to uAttend on the move via tablet and smartphone to see who's in, view and approve timecards, holiday requests and other absence.

Special Costco member monthly subscription pricing

Monthly pricing planNormal uAttend subscriptionCostco member subscription
1 - 9 employees£14.99£11.99
10 - 19 employees£23.99£19.99
20 - 49 employees£49.99£39.99
50 - 99 employees£79.99£63.99
100+ employees£99.99£79.99

NB: The monthly subscription is per group of employees not per employee.

  • The first two clocking in terminal connections are part of the monthly subscription, subsequent terminals cost £10 each per month.
  • Membership comes with one administrator login, subsequent admin logins are £4 each.
  • Full UK based email and phone support is included.
  • Free iPhone, iPad and Android clocking in app.
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go paid by debit or credit card.

Getting started with uAttend

  1. Choose how you want staff to clock in. Purchase clocking in terminals via the Costco website at the special member price.
  2. When your clocking in terminal/s arrive you'll be asked to create your uAttend online account.
  3. Set up a monthly payment by debit or credit card at the special Costco member rates (you can stop and start your account at any time).
  4. Plug in your uAttend terminals and network connection (if using).
  5. Online help and our support team are there to help you and make sure everything works the way you want it to.
  6. You're ready to start collecting clocking data and saving time and money!

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Can I buy uAttend clocking in terminals from Costco without the cloud software system?

The clocking in terminals have been designed to work exclusively with the uAttend cloud-based software system. Each terminal comes with a lifetime guarantee, if it goes wrong and it's not repairable we'll replace it free of charge. The software does all the hard work so you don't have to. Data is collated and ready to export to payroll and uAttend provides other reporting that saves time and helps your business run more smoothly.

Why is there a monthly subscription?

You'll find that the majority of cloud-based SaaS services are based on a monthly subscription. As part of the subscription the software is updated (you don't have to do anything or pay extra for upgrades). Your data is stored securely in the cloud and staff can access it 24/7 wherever they're based. And unlike a mobile phone contract where you pay a monthly service fee you're not tied in to a uAttend contract. You can start and stop collecting clocking in data whenever you want to, for example some of our customers employ seasonal workers or run construction projects which last for a finite period. Sign up to uAttend at the special Costco membership rates

Can I use uAttend with Macs and iPads?

Yes. Unlike some clocking in solutions uAttend can be used with Macs and PCs. Using a browser or the free smartphone app you and your staff can use a wide range of devices to access uAttend in the office, on-site and on the move.

Does uAttend manage shift and rota planning?

uAttend isn't currently able to offer full shift management and rota planning capability. However our Chronologic time and attendance software suite is designed to manage shift planning and more complex shift patterns - get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

I would without hesitation recommend uAttend to any other company wishing to make a move to a time and attendance system without investing huge amounts of money.

Susan Attew

Finance Director
Watkiss Automation Sales