Contactless Clocking during Coronavirus

Contactless Clocking – The new clocking normal?

As businesses across the UK and the world start to get back to the workplace, we’re all finding normal rules have been replaced (rightly so). Now we are dealing with more distancing, sanitisation, and regulations on touching. Contactless clocking is, therefore, becoming a hot topic.

How can you ensure contactless clocking during coronavirus?

If you already have a Biometric clocking unit that requires contact – i.e. a hand scanner or fingerprint scanner, don’t panic. Many biometric models are multifunctional, meaning you can buy RFID cards or fobs to enable contactless clocking.

If your terminal or supplier does not have these options, does it have an app? Using a smartphone app for clocking is like giving each of your employees their own individual clocking method. They never need to share screens, and their clocking can often be geolocated.

Another possibility is to clean the terminal between each use. It might seem tedious, but for offices with a limited number of employees, this could be an easy answer.

The good news

If you have a facial recognition scanner or an RFID scanner – you are already contactless and can clock as normal knowing your employees will not be contaminating the terminal.

Although clocking areas could be considered ‘high traffic’ using technology such as a uAttend facial scanner, employee clocking can be processed in under a second and the person moved on to an acceptable social distance.

Remember, Time and Attendance doesn’t need to stop because of Coronavirus. Plenty of options are available to help your employees continue to clock their hours and for your business to continue as usual.

A stoppage on all things biometric will not only set your business back in terms of admin time and costs. But will waste your initial investment already outlaid on your system.

We’ve heard from a host of users that working from home and during peak COVID-19 could have been much worse without the structure clocking in via the uAttend App gave them. Not only for tracking time, but requesting holiday and checking their timesheet online.

About us

uAttend by Chronologic offers contactless clocking via Facial scanner and RFID units. The uAttend App and phone clocking can be offered at no extra charge for personal clocking. uAttend is a cloud-based time and attendance system used by thousands of employees across the UK daily.

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