Construction Time & Attendance needs

Construction Time & Attendance needs

Apart from the business benefits of time and attendance systems – such as payroll accuracy and saving resources – the construction sector has unique needs that T&A software can help with.

These needs include ensuring Health and Safety by knowing who is on-site at all times, helping productivity with employee labour scheduling, the ability to track project costs, and much more.

Here are our top three benefits of adopting time-tracking technology in construction.

1) Know who’s on-site

With a time and attendance system, you can adopt clocking in methods such as a smartphone app or a Biometric terminal to ensure workers are on-site when they say they are.

A Biometric terminal will allow you to scan unique physical features of your workers (such as fingerprint or face) to clock in. The smartphone app can enable geolocation functionality that reports the worker’s position while clocking.

Both options give you peace of mind that your labour force is where it should be and gives your construction manager or site lead an up-to-date attendance sheet for health and safety reasons.

2) Calculating correct Man-Hours

Making sure that you give a correct estimation is the difference between profit or not. But how do you know how long a project will potentially take?

In the past, it was through experience and guesswork, but with a T&A system, you can track labour hours to get more accurate estimates for future projects.

3) Accurate final project costing

If a project runs over for reasons out of your control (structural, weather or more) then being able to accurately report on why, and the extra cost to the client, is vital.

With a time and attendance system, you can show exact timecards of labour, breaks and more. With the geolocation feature via the uAttend App or a biometric clocking terminal, you can also prove labour was on-site.

To find out more about the features of a time and attendance system, check out uAttend – the affordable, cloud-based time and attendance system.