Cloud-based uA

Cloud-based T&A

The benefits of cloud-based Time and Attendance

cloud-based T&A system?

Cloud-based basically means that a service or resource is made available to users on-demand via the Internet, from a cloud computing provider’s server.

For you, this equals no software to download or install. You can log in and go – like a website.

Cloud-based time and attendance also means there are no updates for you to do. All new features are rolled out automatically and available on the system.

The main benefit of cloud-based T&A, however, is availability. Unlike on-premise services, cloud-based systems offer 99.999% availability so that you can see your employee timesheets, payroll data and more 24/7 in real-time.

Be part of the uAttend community

Because we take care of the hosting and updates for you, it means your uAttend service is the same as everyone else – so you can truly be part of a community.

This also means if there’s an issue with the system, everyone else will have it – so we will fix all in one—no waiting around for individual tickets to be fulfilled.

Simple, fast, effective

uAttend by Chronologic is easy to use and available 100% online. You don’t need to have any IT training or skills to begin with the system, and we offer free software training to all users