RFID Clocking System

RFID Clocking System

How does a Card & Fob clocking system work?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) attendance tracking systems have existed for some years. They work with either swipe cards or key fobs.

RFID functions like a pet’s microchip. A vet uses a reader to view the chip’s information. Similarly, employees use swipe cards or key fobs to clock in and out. These devices pick up signals from clocking-in machines. The machines then pass the information to the uAttend cloud-based account.

This data exchange occurs only when the items are close to each other. Hence, they are called proximity machines and proximity fobs.

Card & Fob clocking system
RFID clocking-in machine

What are the Pros and Cons of RFID Clocking Systems?

Manufacturing environments often use RFID machines for contactless clocking, making them especially useful where protective gear is worn and there’s a high volume of people. These machines are easy to use and practical, significantly enhancing payroll accuracy. As a result, they save your business considerable admin time and money.

One downside of an RFID attendance tracking system is that employees often lose their cards or key fobs more than once, which can be both frustrating and costly. Another disadvantage is that this system is more prone to buddy clocking than clocking methods that rely on biometric data such as facial recognition. (Buddy clocking refers to the practice of clocking in on behalf of a friend or colleague, when they are not actually there in person.)

Ready to Start Using Your RFID Clocking System? It’s Really Very Simple

  1. Purchase the clocking machine/s and the correct quantity of swipe cards and/or key fobs you need from our shop. If you order before 11:00AM Monday – Thursday, you will usually receive them the next day by courier.
  2. When your clocking machines arrive, sign-up online for your uAttend monthly subscription and follow the simple account and terminal set-up instructions.
  3. We will then arrange a free follow-up training session to make sure your uAttend system is working the way you want it to.

You can, of course, use uAttend’s clocking-in options in any combination you want: offering your employees the chance to clock in via web, landline and/or smartphone app, in addition to biometric and RFID clocking machines.

*uAttend clocking-in machines have been designed to work exclusively with the uAttend online attendance management system. The first two clocking machine connections are included in your monthly subscription, subsequent connections are priced at £10 per machine, per month. All of our clocking machines come with a lifetime warranty.

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