Landline Clocking

Landline Clocking

Optimise Attendance Management with Landline Clocking

If you have employees working on client sites, landline clocking offers a cost-effective and efficient way to keep on top of their attendance. This can be especially useful for cleaning and domiciliary care companies, where workers move from one location to another and physical clocking in machines are not a viable option. Landline clocking allows you to make sure your employees are exactly where you need them to be, when they are supposed to be, for the correct length of time.

Landline Phone Clocking
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Want to Try a Test Landline Clocking Experience to see How it Works?

No problem! Dial 08008 620620, wait for a reply then enter:

Company Number: 27960#

PIN: 1010#

Department: 85803#

How Does Landline Clocking Work?

Landline clocking is a simple and efficient method of clocking and comes at no cost to your employees. However, it is important to note that there is a 3p charge per clocking event per employee to your overall uAttend account, which is added to your monthly bill. (A clocking event means clocking in, clocking out, changing location, etc.)

To activate landline clocking, you just select the employees you want to grant permission to clock in this way via your uAttend account, add a PIN to their profile, and you’re good to go.

Employees can then call the uAttend freephone landline number: 08008 620620 from their place of work, and their clocking details will be stored on your account.

Can Employees Also Call Using a Mobile Phone?

Yes, they can, and it will be completely free of charge for the employee, but each clocking activity will cost the overall uAttend account 3p per employee.

When calling from a mobile, the freephone number is 03333 446444

Bear in mind that employees using a mobile phone could, technically, be calling from anywhere, rather than the guarantee that comes from using the landline at the actual place of work.

Once they dial the number, workers will need to follow the voice prompts to enter:

  1. Your company identification number.
  2. Their PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  3. A department or location identifier.

Once complete, they will be told that they’ve successfully clocked in or out.

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Prefer the idea of a smartphone app?

If you think clocking in and out using the uAttend app may work better for you, visit our smartphone clocking app page for all the details.

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