Biometric Clocking Systems

Amongst the variety of uAttend's clocking-in methods, some involve using employees' biometric data to clock them in and out using either a fingerprint or facial recognition scanner. Of all the biometric clocking systems available, fingerprint clocking is the most popular option, and is used in a wide range of industries, from construction* and manufacturing to retail and hospitality.

What are the main benefits of a biometric clocking system?

  1. They eliminate time theft / buddy clocking
  2. They provide accurate payroll calculations for your staff and guarantee precise billing for your clients.

Using biometric fingerprint and facial recognition clocking-in machines is a simple, effective way to stop time fraud and buddy clocking. Most employers, particularly those with remote workers, say they trust the vast majority of their staff. However, asking employees to guesstimate their working hours will almost always result in inaccurate time being recorded, however trustworthy employees are. With biometric time and attendance systems, there is almost no margin of error, which, in turn, offers employers valuable peace of mind.

*And, most importantly for your employees, who may feel anxious at the idea of their privacy being invaded: no fingerprint nor facial images are actually stored on the system.

This also means that there are no data protection issues for you, as an employer, to be concerned about.

Biometric clocking systems

It's a simple system, gives the reports you want. It's easy to import into our payroll system. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to set it up!

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Biometric fingerprint systems

How do biometric fingerprint systems work?

  • To initially set up an employee on the system, an administrator registers their fingerprint or prints using the scanner on the biometric clocking-in machine. The uAttend time and attendance software then creates unique codes related to the prints.
  • The code or codes are then stored on the uAttend system. These codes are not backwards engineerable for the safety of your employees.
  • When the employee subsequently clocks in to the system, the live scanned print is compared to the stored code. If the data match, the member of staff will be able to clock in or out.

How do biometric facial recognition systems work?

  • There are a number of different ways in which facial recognition system algorithms are calculated. Most commonly the key points of a person's face are triangulated and stored as a unique code.
  • Clocking in then works in the same way as fingerprint clocking; when the face is scanned at the moment of clocking in or out, it is compared to the stored algorithm for that individual.
  • When it matches, the employee is successfully clocked in or out.
  • Facial recognition is quick, easy and contactless, meaning it is also extremely hygienic.

Biometric Facial Recognition with Temperature Reader


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Setting up your uAttend biometric clocking systems

In our experience, when installing a new time attendance system of this nature, it is usually a good idea to inform staff about exactly how biometric clocking machines work, so they are reassured that there are no personal privacy or security issues to worry about.

Our friendly UK-based support team can provide you with information to send out to staff if required. Don't forget, support is all part of your monthly uAttend subscription - not an extra.

Signing up is quick and easy:

  1. Purchase the fingerprint or facial recognition machine/s you need from our shop. If you order before 11:00AM Monday - Thursday you'll usually receive them the next day via courier.
  2. When your clocking machines arrive, sign-up online for your uAttend monthly subscription and follow the simple account and clocking machine set-up instructions.
  3. We will then arrange a free follow-up training session to make sure your uAttend biometric system is working the way you want it to.

* There's a GSM web-based clocking option for our machines which is handy for sites with little or no network connectivity such as construction site clocking.