Clocking in with uAttend

Clocking in With uAttend

Versatile Clocking Options and Instant Cloud Data Access

With a choice of several different ways for your staff to clock in to the system, uAttend makes it quick and easy to track your employees’ attendance. Depending on the nature of your business model, you can choose one, two, or a combination of several different clocking methods, making it perfect for remote staff, site workers or multi-location businesses.

All the data collected is sent to your cloud account in real-time, meaning you have access to valuable business insights whenever and wherever you need them. Additionally, uAttend offers biometric clocking systems, RFID, PIN clocking, smartphone app, landline, and web clocking, ensuring flexible and secure time tracking solutions for your business needs.

Clocking into a time and attendance system

Fingerprint Clocking Systems

Discover our range of fingerprint biometric clocking systems, designed exclusively for use with a uAttend account.

Facial Recognition Clocking Systems

Learn about facial recognition biometric clocking systems and discover our options to use with your uAttend account.

RFID Clocking System

Looking for an RFID swipe card / key fob clocking system? Ours will upload all clocking data to your cloud account in real-time.

Smartphone Clocking in App

By simply downloading the free app, employees can clock in instantly, wherever they are working. Perfect for remote staff or workers on the move.

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Boost Productivity with Seamless Time Tracking

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