Knowing the score gives First Call Contract Services the edge

First Call Contract Services is the “general staffing agency of choice” for many of the UK’s biggest users of contract labour. They’re amongst the UK’s largest regional agency networks. First Call is one of only 6 companies in the Investec Mid-Market 100 ranking of fast growing mid-sized companies to consistently show profitability and growth.

First Call supply staffing solutions to a range of sectors including leading logistics and distribution, food manufacturing and waste services companies.

Established in 1996 there are now 23 offices, national on-site managed service locations and sole supply solutions specialising in supplying temporary labour. Currently around 4,000 staff are supplied across the network every day.

Dan Mankelow is Operations Director (and passionate Liverpool supporter!) he believes that investing in new technology keeps First Call ahead of the game in delivering excellent service to their growing client base.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve our business. Our aim is to deliver outstanding client service. We invest in technology and our people to achieve this. We chose uAttend because it gives us greater visibility of what’s happening with staff on client sites. It’s easy to roll out to new sites and requires little upfront investment in time or money.”

Keeping score

First Call staff clock in using uAttend facial recognition terminals installed on client sites. Facial recognition ensures that only those staff who should be on-site are. They also stop ‘buddy clocking’ where one member of staff clocks in for another. Using mainly facial recognition terminals (they also have some fingerprint terminals), means that no-one has to remember a swipe card or fob so it’s easier for everyone.

Biometric terminals use an algorithm to translate the unique features of a face or fingerprint when initially scanned on the system at enrolment. The resulting unique code is then stored on the terminal. When staff subsequently clock in, their face or fingerprint is scanned and compared to the stored code (fingerprints and faces aren’t stored).

At the moment just over 1,000 staff clock in with uAttend across a range of client sites. Supervisors on each site have access to the uAttend account set up for their site to monitor staff clocking in and out, approve timecards, holiday requests, etc.

Dan comments, “We chose uAttend for its flexibility and value for money. We can move the face scanners around if we need to, and setting-up at new sites is quick and easy. The reports available in uAttend mean we can show clients exactly what they’re paying for – they can see numbers of staff on-site, hours worked, etc.”

Implementation and Development Manager Jordan Spencer is responsible for the day-to-day co-ordination of the clocking sites. He liaises with the supervisors on-the-ground and troubleshoots any clocking in issues.

He’s a great fan of the uAttend helpdesk. “Of all the company helpdesks we deal with, the uAttend team has to be the best! They get back to you quickly, they know their stuff and get any issues sorted fast.”

Plans for the future

Back to Dan, “uAttend has already had a significant impact on our business. The facial recognition system has made the way we manage and report staff attendance on-site more efficient. We’re now looking at using uAttend phone and smartphone clocking in for some of the smaller client sites.”

Phone clocking is ideal for monitoring and managing staff hours at remote sites. Geolocation and ‘whitelisting’ phone numbers means customers can ensure staff are where they should be when they clock in.

If you’d like to find out more about how uAttend and the helpdesk team keep First Call Contract Services ahead of the game – get in touch!

First Call Contract Services

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