Cleaning & facilities management employee management

The cleaning sector generates over £24 billion towards the UK economy says the British Cleaning Council. Already a huge financial contributor, the cleaning industry is also a big employer, giving work to over 700,000 people. This means that the industry needs to manage its workers efficiently – their hours, pay, and absences – to remain competitive in the face of rising costs and Brexit.

The challenges of managing cleaning and facilities management employees

The cleaning and facilities management sector is expected to grow even further with the numbers employed increasing accordingly – one estimate expects 467,000 job openings by 2024, made up of 84,000 in industry growth and 383,000 replacement demand (British Cleaning Council).  While any business with employees needs to have in place effective clocking in, monitoring and payroll processes, the cleaning sector is a challenging one in terms of staff management – some of its particular needs include:

  • Tracking remote workers on dispersed sites.
  • Managing more temporary, part-time and casual workers who are also more likely to work ‘out-of-hours’.
  • Ensuring health & safety training.
  • Coping with potential high staff turnover rates.

How to make managing cleaning staff easier

The need to keep track of staff can be a real headache for businesses, whether just a few or many. Paper systems are inefficient and outdated while spreadsheets on local PCs can be limiting. A good cloud-based time and attendance system can make easy work of managing cleaning and facilities management staff in particular. The benefits of a cloud-based time and attendance system include:

  • Remote clocking-in via a variety of options including smartphone or landline.
  • Managers and supervisors can access the service anytime and anywhere with an internet connection to approve timesheets, respond to holiday requests and deal with unauthorised absences.
  • Ability to monitor and escalate ‘no shows’.
  • Simplified payroll with clocking-in data being automatically exported to payroll to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to set up alerts for regular or occasional training.
  • Increase retention & employee engagement – you can review the time and attendance data to pick up any early warning signs for retention and employee engagement issues.
  • Costs can be scaled up or down as the business changes from time to time.
  • Capture and report on time and attendance data.

Successful cleaning company and a previous Service Industries Employer of the Year winner, Imperial Cleaning Services, is always looking for ways to improve its business. Delivering cleaning services in the South West area, it has a bank of cleaning staff who need to be managed, monitored and paid. The company was delighted when uAttend showed them how its time and attendance system could save time and money. After she contacted uAttend, Kelsey Butler Imperial Cleaning Services said:

“I would like to put in a good review for Kayleigh Johns. She has been incredibly helpful to us today, listening to exactly the needs and requirements of Imperial, and how uAttend would fit in with that. She was very informative. A fantastic product that we cannot wait to integrate into our company.”

Whether you’re a startup or an established small business, let uAttend show you how you can improve your workforce management.