uAttend time and attendance for cleaning companies

Your cleaning company: How to track staff time & attendance

Cleaning is a multi-million pound UK industry. With an industry turnover estimated at £4.7bn in 2011 (Office of National Statistics, 2012), the UK cleaning industry is clearly squaring up to current economic challenges. In fact, according to a Cleaning & Support Services Association 2012 report, the cleaning industry is pushing economic growth and employment at a faster rate than many other industries.

Challenging times

However, alongside this positive picture, the industry inevitably faces its own challenges. It is being squeezed by customers looking for even better value. Meanwhile the UK cleaning industry draws more heavily on migrant labour than other sectors, with 24% of workers having a non-UK nationality, compared to the average of 18% across other industries (British Cleaning Council report, 2016). The post-EU referendum Brexit negotiations are being watched eagerly for its effect on the recruitment and retention of cleaning staff.

It all adds up to cleaning companies having to up their game even more. One way of doing this is to look at your staff management tools. Companies which still rely on outdated systems to organise their greatest asset – their staff – are missing out on a great opportunity.

Cleaning companies, and in fact many facilities-related businesses, typically employ staff out-of-hours and at dispersed sites. Added to this, cleaning companies employ a high proportion of part-time and flexible workers. Keeping track of staff and working out wages can cause real stress and cost you time.

Making light work

Many businesses are turning to automated time and attendance systems. These systems combine clocking-in and out facilities, data gathering and automated compilation of timesheets, which helps speed up payroll processing in one neat package. A system such as uAttend can help you:

  • Keep track of staff hours
    A choice of clocking in and out options is available, from biometric to RFID swipe card and proximity fob terminals  so that you can keep tabs on staff. uAttend’s free smartphone app clocking in system is especially useful for tracking remote employees. Other companies choose the phone clocking in option – here employees simply call an 0800 number and use a personal pin number to clock in. It’s quick and efficient. What’s more, supervisors can log-in to the data at any time and see who’s clocked in.
  • Deter staff clocking in for each other
    Our biometric fingerprint and facial recognition clocking in systems prevent any ‘buddy-clocking’ problems.
  • Deal with emergency situations
    Automated time and attendance systems help you accurately and quickly account for staff with fire roll call in a building in the event of an emergency – this can ultimately save lives.
  • Make light work of payroll
    Automated timesheets are created using the clocking-in data and used for calculating the payroll which means you can be sure of getting your payroll correct – but without the worry.
  • Be more attractive to prospective clients
    As a cleaning service provider who can demonstrate good management systems you will be more attractive to new clients. As a service company it can be vitally important to demonstrate accountability, especially if you can show how efficiently your staff time is being spent. Future Cleaning Services is just one example of a business using uAttend to do this.

An added advantage is that uAttend is a cloud-based system rather than a PC-based package which means it won’t clog up your IT systems and you can be up and running in no time.

Whatever form of cleaning you provide – from contract, domestic, commercial to specialist such as food industry or glazing – it makes sense to look at using a time and attendance system like uAttend.