Tracking cleaning staff time & attendance

Tracking cleaning staff time & attendance

The cleaning industry is a big employer, giving work to over 700,000 people in the UK. So tracking cleaning employees time and attendance is a must. 

In fact, according to a Cleaning & Support Services Association report, the cleaning industry is pushing economic growth and employment at a faster rate than many other industries.
Sounds squeaky clean? It’s not. 

Challenges of managing cleaning and facilities employees

While any business with employees needs to have in place effective clocking in, monitoring and payroll processes. The cleaning sector is a challenging one in terms of staff management.

Some of its particular needs include:

  • Tracking remote workers on dispersed sites
  • Managing more temporary, part-time and casual workers who are also more likely to work ‘out-of-hours’
  • Ensuring health & safety 
  • Coping with potential high staff turnover rates

How to manage cleaning staff easier

Keeping track of all of the above issues can be a real headache for businesses, whether they have just a few or many employees.

Tracking time, locations and breaks via a paper system is inefficient and outdated while spreadsheets on local PCs can be limiting. 

A good cloud-based time and attendance system can make easy work of tracking hours and will automate a huge proportion of labour data tasks. So you just have to log in and check. 

The benefits of cloud-based time and attendance include:

  • Remote clocking-in via a variety of options including smartphone or landline
  • Access to the service anytime and anywhere with an internet connection to approve timesheets, respond to holiday requests and deal with unauthorised absences
  • Ability to monitor and escalate ‘no shows’
  • Simplified payroll with clocking-in data being automatically exported to payroll to meet deadlines
  • Increase retention & employee engagement – you can review the time and attendance data to pick up any early warning signs for retention and employee engagement issues
  • Capture and report on time and attendance data>

Making light work with uAttend

uAttend is a cloud-based attendance system that is tried and tested by cleaning companies and facility management.

We have a choice of clocking in and out options available, from biometric to RFID swipe card and proximity fob terminals so that you can keep tabs on staff. 

uAttend’s free smartphone app clocking in system is especially useful for tracking remote employees. 

If that’s not enough, you can also choose the landline clocking in option when smartphones are not available. Here employees simply call an 0800 number and use a personal PIN to clock in. It’s quick and efficient.

A system for all situations

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, let uAttend show you how you can improve your workforce management.

As a service company. it can be vitally important to demonstrate accountability, especially if you can show how efficiently your staff time is being spent. Future Cleaning Services is just one example of a business using uAttend to do this.

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